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Mugshot gallery websites seem to be the newest form of online entertainment, and there's no sign of these sites dipping in popularity in the near future. is the latest site to enter the field, and while the site provides people who are photographed with a rational and easy-to-follow process to remove their photographs, some people may balk at the hoops they'll need to jump through to get their photos removed. is proud to announce an alternate solution.

When a person is arrested, that person is photographed and the photos are shared with other law enforcement agencies. Transparency laws passed in some states allow law enforcement agents to place those photographs in searchable online databases, and when they appear in these forums, mugshot sites can simply copy them and place them on their own sites. appears to pull mugshots from multiple states, and the site shares a significant amount of information, including weight, age, date of arrest and description of the crime, in some cases.

While words can be damning, photographs can do even more damage. In one study of the impact words can do, conducted in Illinois, researchers found that people who were shown photographs of candidates for public office used words like "rough" and "unfriendly" to describe one person who was dressed casually when the others were in formal wear. The image was to blame, and it's likely these people would have used even more colorful language to describe someone who appeared in a mug shot. The damage could be immense, and it could lead some people to take action.

People who are exposed to false accusations online can often sue for damages. Recently, a Texas couple emerged victorious in court and was awarded $13 million due to slanderous comments posted online about them. However, those who wish to sue mugshot sites have no such option, as the sites are simply reporting an event that occurred (an arrest) not an opinion about that arrest. The opinion might be false, but the record of the arrest is not.

Since lawsuits aren't an option, people might consider working with the site to repair their reputations. will remove mugshots for a small fee, and will remove the shots from the site and from search engines for a larger fee. However, many people might balk at the idea of paying the site to remove the photographs. By spending this money, they're inadvertently keeping the site in business.

There is another option. uses proven methods to remove mugshots from, and removal from search engines is included in the fee. can also look for copies of photographs that might appear in other places, and the company can remove those copies as well. With one phone call, the history of the photograph can be removed, and results are guaranteed. can even develop a publicity campaign to repair the reputation damage a mugshot can cause. Visit to find out more. 

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