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DENVER, Jan. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- It's been said that information posted online will be there forever. Old court cases tend to be particularly sticky, as these sorts of situations tend to generate a significant amount of paperwork, and much of that is shared online. Newspaper articles can also be troublesome, as news editors are resistant to the idea of deleting information, even when they're asked to do so. In order to help people who have been victims of reputation attacks through court proceedings or newspaper articles (or both), is proud to announce a new comprehensive package of repair tools.

When asked why these tools were developed, the representatives at are blunt.

"We've had many clients who have tried to handle this problem on their own, and by and large, these are the most frustrated clients we encounter in a standard day," says a company representative. "These people just hit a brick wall when they try to deal with this problem on their own, and we wanted to come up with a solution that could help."

Newspaper editors, for example, often claim that the work they do provides a record of the events that took place on a specific date in history. Deleting articles would mean changing history, these editors reason, and they're resistant to do so. Court officials often maintain that public access to court cases also provides a record of a specific moment in time. Both editors and court officials believe that keeping these records accessible is important to the public's interest.

"Changing their minds is almost impossible, because they have a very narrow definition of the term 'public interest,'" says an representative. "These people can't seem to understand that these records could destroy reputations and lives, and they'll claim to the bitter end that the work they do does more help than harm. Few of our clients agree."

The comprehensive solution involves some coding work. There are some programming tools the people at can use to ensure that documents appear at the top of search results. Writing articles that have a high number of keywords and interest might be vital in this fight.

"If we can push these offensive search results to page 3 or 4 of Google, it's almost as though they don't exist," says an official. "We use talented authors to create the works for us, and we have extensive expertise in placing these articles in high-impact places. We can also use photos and videos to push down poor results."

In some cases, although it's rare, the company can also work to actually remove documents from the internet.

"We have more clout than the average person on the street, so we might be able to get results people aren't able to achieve on their own," the official says. "We've been successful in this area in the past, and I expect it to continue."

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