InterSystems Partnership Allows ViiMed® to Seamlessly Integrate with Any Electronic Health Record

Jul 27, 2015, 15:54 ET from ViiMed

WASHINGTON, July 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- InterSystems, a global leader in software for connected care, and ViiMed®, the leading provider in workflow-enabled asynchronous telehealth and care coordination, announced an agreement today that allows ViiMed® to seamlessly integrate with any electronic health record (EHR) using InterSystems HealthShare®.

ViiMed® has been deploying interactive, video-enabled care pathways for health care providers and their patients. These pathways maximize connection for patients with their providers, and use personalized interaction between patients and providers to guide patients through their care. These interactive pathways are helping patients navigate their orthopedic surgery episodes, manage chronic conditions, and improve their health education. The ViiMed® platform's flexibility is enabled by its user-generated workflows, powering a health care organization to personalize and tailor its own pathways. Now, leveraging InterSystems HealthShare, a health informatics platform, ViiMed® captures this rich information, structures it and shares the data with EHRs using HL7, CDA, IHE, FHIR, and even customized frameworks.

"The InterSystems health informatics platform, being the most feature-rich and powerful in the industry, allows us to scale our product in a new way," states Aaron Bullard, a Head of Integrations with ViiMed. "Connecting our existing platform with the technical aspects of theirs will give ViiMed an industry-wide reach."

With this powerful and strategic interoperability, ViiMed® not only shares patient progress back to the EHR, it now easily employs critical information from any system to build a more informed and empowering pathway for patients. Data that exist in the EHR are easily linked to pathways. For instance, as appointment dates change in the EHR the care pathway steps managed by ViiMed® will follow suit. The rich context of a patient's journey and her progress will now be part of her health record.

"This is very significant for our clients and their patients," said Philip Matkovsky, ViiMed CIO, "Using one framework we can easily translate and connect anything our health care partners want to do into information that is available in the system of record – the EHR."

The ViiMed® flexible workflow platform adapts to the fluctuating patterns of patient and provider interactions, utilizing recorded-video to personally connect people together in care. This new partnership with InterSystems ensures the innovative ViiMed® model of care fits directly within the health information eco-system.

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