Intralist Launches First Platform for Publishers, Brands and Consumers to Share and Discover Information Through Interactive Top 5 Lists

Dec 01, 2015, 10:00 ET from Intralist

NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Intralist (, an open platform for list-based content creation and discovery, is pleased to announce the simplest and most useful new way to create, share and search Top 5 lists on anything and everything.

Lists provide the perfect vehicle for comparison—they're fun to read and a snap to navigate, which is why virtually everyone creates them. But it can be difficult to wade through the web's information overload—and differentiate between branded and personal content—to uncover and share the information that's most useful, reliable and relevant to you.

Intralist lets users create and find Top 5 lists on virtually any topic. Unlike other list apps, Intralist also allows users to aggregate multiple lists—from brands, publishers, subject matter experts and friends—on a single subject. Need a holiday gift idea for your boss? Want hotel recommendations for an upcoming trip to San Francisco? Looking for a list of great hikes in Bali? Intralist lets you follow and even ask a friend or other sources for their opinion. You'll get back clearly ranked results that also display overlap between picks from multiple sources.

Say you're visiting New York City and want to find the best burger in town. A Google search would yield more than 16 million results, many in list format, which you'd then need to navigate and compare. Look for the best burger through Intralist, however, and you'll be able to choose your sources. The site will then combine and compare responses and reviews for you, resulting in one definitive, Top 5 list: the Intralist.

The top 5 things you need to know about Intralist:

  • It's easy. Intralist does the work for you, aggregating list content from multiple sources to show you a consolidated view.
  • It's fun and personal. Choose the sources you want to see, request lists from friends or poll subject matter experts and create lists on topics of interest to you.
  • It merges content with commerce. Unlike other list apps, Intralist users can click through to external websites for more information or to a point of purchase, making the list a highly relevant resource that serves as the perfect portal to other content, providing additional value to users, publishers and brands.
  • It's useful. Intralist is easy to consume and personalized to each and every user. Finally, you can scour recommendations from only the sources you trust in one easy interface.
  • It's profitable: Intralist will generate revenues through contextual native advertising, unique sponsorship opportunities, lead generation and e-commerce.

"A new paradigm for discovery is taking shape and it comes in the form of lists," said John Jaxheimer, Co-founder of Intralist. "By aggregating lists from publishers, brands, experts and friends, Intralist helps deliver a more curated, personalized and ultimately meaningful content experience, harnessing a collective opinion on any given topic."

Intralist is currently in beta and has partnerships in place with leading niche content and publishing brands. Intralist is a privately funded company.

Commenting on the launch of Intralist, Dalya Benor, Digital Marketing Manager of MADE said, "We congratulate Intralist on their official launch. We love making fashion around the world more accessible. These days, visionary organizations work with us to hit fashion, youth culture, the creative arts and their target demos. Intralist is a great way for the community to engage with MADE's tribe of the best emerging talent in the fashion, music and the cultural vanguard."

About Intralist:

Intralist is a New York-based company dedicated to democratizing knowledge sharing through crowdsourced list creation. The company's platform enables consumers, brands, publishers and content experts to create and share Top 5 lists on any topic, aggregating multiple lists into clear, opinionated and useful content. For more information or to create your own list, please visit


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