Introducing - The Cutting Edge Fire Breathing Human Devouring Dragon!

Sep 17, 2012, 07:23 ET from Cutting Edge Haunted House

DALLAS / FORT WORTH, Texas, Sept. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Lights, Camera, Action!  Cutting Edge has a new star!  Making her acting debut on the horror stage this year is the scariest pet dragon/dinosaur this side of Jurassic Park. She lurks in a dark rainforest with the other dinosaurs, just waiting for unsuspecting visitors to stop by and admire the scenery. Then suddenly, without warning, out she springs with a loud, ear-splitting, blood curdling roar sure to make your heart leap into your throat. Frozen in your tracks, face to face with the monster, though your reasoning mind knows this couldn't possibly be real, you think just maybe - she - is - going - to - EAT YOU!  Poor Dragon, we haven't been feeding her lately, and she's all skin and bones, well bones anyway. So when you come to the Cutting Edge Haunted House this year, be on the lookout for our newest pet. She can't wait for you to come and visit - She's just dying for a bite...


Cutting Edge Haunted House one of the top haunts in the nation year after year as selected by Guinness World Records, Haunted House, Hauntworld Magazine, AOL, Yahoo, the Wall Street Journal, US Airways Magazine, Fangoria Magazine, USA Travel Guide and dozens of other media sources.


Cutting Edge Haunted House


September 21-22, 28-29

October 5-7, 12-14, 18-21, 24-31

November 2-3

Times vary please check


Fort Worth, Texas

1701 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76102


Adult $30 +tax

Child $25 +tax (10 yrs & under)



About Cutting Edge Haunted House 
Cutting Edge Haunted House is a dark Halloween attraction located in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas filled with terrifying live actors, amazing special effects and incredible monsters. Celebrating its new Guinness World Record, this intense, cutting edge, multi-story, multi-themed haunted house is widely considered to be one of the best Haunted Houses in the nation, full of chilling detail and unbelievable scares! Come see what new horrors lurk in the twisting corridors of Texas's ultimate haunted house. Visit or call 817-675-7459 for more information. For photos and videos visit our Online Newsroom. Media Contact: Todd James / Tammy Saxton – 817-675-7459 or

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