Introducing Baby Kiss & Coo™ DVDs - Soothing Shapes and Sounds for Baby™

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Baby Kiss & Coo™ DVDs - high contrast shapes, soft colors and classical music designed with baby's sensory experience in mind

Oct 27, 2010, 13:15 ET from Baby Kiss & Coo

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Introducing Baby Kiss & Coo™, a new series of DVDs designed specifically to soothe infants during baby's first year and beyond.  The DVD series is available now, announced Laura Gianni, founder of baby kiss & coo, LLC.    

Baby Kiss & Coo™ was founded by Ms. Gianni, a busy Los Angeles mother of three boys, who noticed her first baby's fascination with shadows cast through the window at sunset by a banana plant.  In the evening, after work, she would hold her son in her arms, play classical music while they looked out their living room window.  The baby was calm and engaged.  When the plant's shadows and music worked the same magic on her twin boys two years later, Laura knew there had to be a reason for this response.  Always active in her children's development, she began her own research to find out why this could be happening.  

"I discovered the first images a baby can visualize are the contrast of black images against a light background," she says.  "According to the studies I read, early exposure to classical music can have lifelong benefits.  My children were mesmerized by the contrast of the plant's shadows gently swaying in the ocean breeze against the sky as the shadows seemed to dance to the music.  Their response to this experience made perfect sense to me."    

With this in mind, Laura set out to replicate that same calming scene – silhouettes set against the beautiful colors of the Pacific Ocean at sunset while classical music plays in the background – and share it with other parents and their babies.  It was then that the Baby Kiss & Coo™ line was born to help engage, soothe and stimulate a baby's senses.  

Titles include:

  • "At The Zoo" -- friendly zoo animals frolic before baby's eyes while the music of Mozart and Beethoven calms their senses.
  • "Come Ride With Me"-- familiar modes of transportation travel by as baby listens to the music of Mozart and Bizet.
  • "At The Farm" -- playful barnyard animals dance across the screen to the music of Mozart, Handel and Beethoven
  • "Under The Sea" -- enchanting sea creatures float along to the music of Bach, Mendelssohn and Rameau.
  • "Bugaloo Baby" -- delightful bugs crawl by as baby listens to the music of Mozart Handel and Grieg.
  • "Look! Shapes!"-- fascinating shapes bounce before your baby's eyes along with music by Mozart Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Dvorak, Bach and Schumann.


The Baby Kiss & Coo™ DVDs and t-shirts, can be purchased at Visit: for media screening copies, box art or for more information please contact Sydney Weisman at WHPR, (323)730-0233 or

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