Introducing 'Global Enterprise 2.0' Using the Latest 1.1 Version of NewsGator Social Sites 2010

Erasing geographic boundaries, uniting cultures, starting with enterprise social computing

Sep 14, 2010, 12:44 ET from NewsGator Technologies, Inc.

DENVER, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- NewsGator, the company making SharePoint social, today introduced Global Enterprise 2.0, a new vision for removing barriers not only between people and business units, but between disparate cultures in multinational organizations. With the latest 1.1 version of Social Sites 2010, localized in nine languages, worldwide enterprises can now aggressively expand their enterprise social networks from North America to South America to Europe to Asia.

"Social software is gaining momentum as organizations begin their social business transformation," said Erin K. Traudt, research director of enterprise collaboration and social solutions, with IDC. "The social business recognizes that people collaborate in different ways. Social software helps to enable this change and supports the global nature of today's business environment coupled with worker expectations and communication preferences."

NewsGator's Social Sites 2010 is a new software suite that adds powerful social computing features – including microblogging, activity streams, mobile, desktop, and community capabilities – to Microsoft SharePoint 2010, the latest version of Microsoft's popular business collaboration platform. Social Sites 2010 supports nine languages – more than any other major Enterprise 2.0 software product – enabling organizations to create inter-geographical and inter-cultural fusion. NewsGator is also mindful of the differing geographical compliance issues that occur when organizations attempt to unite their international businesses.  

Edelman, the world's largest independent public relations firm, uses NewsGator Social Sites to power its worldwide intranet, named Fusion. Associates use Fusion to find the people and resources they need, even when they don't know exactly who they're looking for. "We're implementing Social Sites 2010 to enable our 3,200 professionals to more effectively collaborate on SharePoint using their native language," said David Rosenberg, vice president, development lead - Internet services, at Edelman.

Social Sites 2010 1.1 will be available within 30 days. It will be localized in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. Here are some Global Enterprise 2.0 scenarios powered by Social Sites 2010:

Jean-Paul in Paris visits the sales community in Social Sites and answers a colleague's question. Maria from Brazil sees the answer and revises a sales presentation that Sue in Portland, Oregon, borrows that afternoon to close a major sale.

Hans in the Austrian R&D headquarters posts a microblog update in Social Sites saying that his pharmaceutical research is showing astonishing results in the lab, enabling the marketing team to immediately schedule press interviews around the world on the exciting new discovery. The resulting coverage delights stockholders and gives hope to disease sufferers.

A London-based COO views the automated social analytics reports in Social Sites and discovers especially high activity in a brainstorming community. Users confirm the value of the community, citing improved sales and customer satisfaction. The site becomes an exemplar for increased performance in every operations area around the world.

"Enterprise social computing is a global phenomenon," said J.B. Holston, president & CEO of NewsGator. "Our global customers want to better serve their geographically-dispersed clients, employees, and partners using the powerful tools and technologies that are within their grasp. Social Sites 2010 is one of these. We are deeply committed to exceeding the expectations of international businesses as they seize the possibilities of global Enterprise 2.0."

What else is new?

Language localization is just one of the new features in Social Sites 2010 1.1. Others include:

  • Mini profile cards. These electronic cards – which pop up when users hover over another user's name – include images, contact information, interests, expertise, connections, and contact buttons.

  • Hashtag auto-complete. When a user starts typing a hashtag (a keyword accompanied by a "#" symbol to organize a microblog discussion), Social Sites 2010 suggests auto-completions from user expertise, interests, and prior microblogging.

  • Rating and tagging on/off switches. Users or administrators can activate tagging, rating, neither, or both in each community instance.

  • Take it back. When a user posts a status he wishes he hadn't, or wishes an activity was not reported in the public stream, he can now hide those updates from public view. He can also delete comments others have made on his activities.

  • A profile builder. This step-by-step tutorial provides training to help users set up their social profile, connect to colleagues, and learn how to use the activity stream.

  • Recommended colleagues. This new feature focuses on helping users build connections by discovering and adding new colleagues.

  • Terms and conditions. At initial use, this feature presents users with corporate policies and terms of use that they must accept before being able to view or post to the activity stream. This feature provides necessary governance for use of internal social computing tools.

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