Introducing Mass Opinion Business Intelligence From WiseWindow, The New Generation of Web Measurement of Real-Time Consumer Opinions

Provides Relevant, Actionable Information to Executives, Marketers and Researchers

Jan 05, 2010, 08:10 ET from WiseWindow

IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- WiseWindow today introduced a new generation of web measurement technology that goes far beyond keyword searches to mine and analyze the millions of opinions expressed in social media each day, identify only those that relate to and are pertinent to a given company and product, and then refine those opinions into actionable reports. The new measurement, called Mass Opinion Business Intelligence, extends beyond the traditional keywords and click-throughs to provide true strategic business tools that are predictive of market movement. Using 10 standard syndicated reports that track what customers think, what they want, who they follow and what they'll buy now and in the future, WiseWindow provides decision support to senior executives, marketers and market researchers.

According to Sid Mohasseb, chief executive officer, WiseWindow, "For years, people have talked about the potential of sentiment analysis to measure the millions of opinions expressed on the web, but problems of context, word usage, intent, and the sheer volume of data make it largely unusable for strategic business decisions. That's where WiseWindow comes in - we've developed a methodology to identify only the relevant data that relates and is pertinent to a given market, company and product to organize the data, make sense of it and make it actionable for companies. Mass Opinion Business Intelligence can discover things like total share of opinion, how it changes over time and how it correlates with share of market. Share of opinion is often the key measurement for companies seeking business intelligence from the conversations expressed online, not the overall volume of opinion. This kind of knowledge has never been possible before."

Mass Opinion Business Intelligence was developed by some of the industry's leading experts in web measurement, cloud computing and market research. The technology, protected by three patents*, employs a "domain-centric" approach to mass opinion. It is a platform that crawls the Internet for qualitative subjective opinions and objective facts and makes them available as quantifiable structured data. The resulting business intelligence not only provides a continuous source of vital information to businesses, it also can be used as a new source of revenue by WiseWindow web partners.

WiseWindow Mass Opinion Business Intelligence has already been proven in the entertainment, automotive, and health and beauty aids industries, as well as in the political realm. More information can be found at

*Patents pending

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