Introducing ProtoCloud IaaS by Webair

Mar 19, 2013, 13:43 ET from Webair

NEW YORK, March 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Webair, a leading provider of Cloud Hosting and Managed solutions, announced ProtoCloud, the newest addition to its highly popular family of cloud hosting services. ProtoCloud is Webair's true Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud offering. Built with scalability and availability in mind, ProtoCloud provides IaaS scalability on top of a highly available foundation. By default, and at no additional costs, ProtoCloud instances are provisioned with no single points of failure via the use of redundant & scalable computing nodes, Network infrastructure, SAN and FusionIO storage.

ProtoCloud comes with an easy to use management interface and integrates with a number of Webair's existing service offerings including Cloud Storage, Carrier Neutral Cloud, FusionCloud, CDN services, and dedicated servers. Webair clients can interconnect ProtoCloud instances with other dedicated or virtual servers via secure internal networks to form true hybrid solutions. A RESTful API makes it convenient for customers to integrate ProtoCloud into their applications, requiring minimal administration and management.

"We've added ProtoCloud to our portfolio of Cloud services to provide our clients with true highly available IaaS out of the box without the complexity or the guess work it takes to build it themselves. The ability for clients to integrate ProtoCloud with various other Cloud hosting and traditional hosting services means highly customized and hybrid environments can be built to match even the most demanding needs," said Gerard Hiner, Executive Sales Manager at Webair.  ProtoCloud's on-demand provisioning and utility billing models provide customers with an easy way to utilize the infrastructure for requirements such as Big Data analytics, NoSQL database workloads, load balanced web hosting and application testing/ development at a low cost resulting in excellent value for clients.

ProtoCloud integrates seamlessly with EZPanel, Webair's popular, feature rich control panel. Customers can sign up for ProtoCloud with the click of a button and easily add additional services such as CDN, dedicated servers and FusionCloud to their account from within EZPanel.  "Our customers can conveniently manage all their hosting resources from EZPanel's friendly interface. Likewise, resource allocations and bandwidth can be aggregated between services and shown on the same bill. This empowers our clients with a true end-to-end solution that allows them to match use cases to the most appropriate solutions, and all under a fully managed umbrella of our ServerGenius Support," said Sagi Brody, CTO of Webair.

ProtoCloud will be launched first in Webair's NY1 datacenter and will be expanded to Amsterdam, Los Angeles and Montreal in the coming weeks. Designed around industry standard best practices and security, ProtoCloud provides a robust computing platform that delivers on performance, convenience and reliability.

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