Introducing Revenue Spark: The World's First Sales Outsourcing Company Focused Exclusively on Sustainable Growth-Oriented Companies

Ensuring the Best Green Technologies Get the Global Market Penetration They Deserve

Jan 12, 2010, 06:18 ET from Revenue Spark Inc.

NEW YORK, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Introducing Revenue Spark, the world's first sales outsourcing company focused exclusively on sustainable growth-oriented companies and emerging green, cleantech, and renewable energy technologies. Revenue Spark addresses one of the biggest issues facing technology innovators today: whether it be an evolution or a revolution, creating a new product or service is one thing, but successfully selling and bringing it to market is another matter entirely. Revenue Spark solves this problem by selling their product or service for them--seamlessly and transparently.

To that end, Revenue Spark has assembled a team of seasoned professionals--all of whom have built and run businesses, and all with a proven track record of success in their various industries--who not only know how to connect people and companies together from all over the world, but are dedicated to ensuring that the very best green technologies of the day make it to, and succeed in, the international market.

Founder and CEO Steve Messere says, "We're building one of the best business development teams in the world when it comes to guaranteeing that the breakthrough innovators we deal with will not only get their product or service to market, but get the market penetration and profitability they deserve." And further: "Revenue Spark is absolutely about making money with sustainable / renewable products and services. It's fine to want to change the world, to want to be a part of the global uplift, and we're doing that, but a company has to make money first and foremost, and we expect to provide an enormous value proposition for our clients. We're here to ensure the very best ideas actually win out in the marketplace."

About Revenue Spark

Revenue Spark is a comprehensive, all-in solution for sustainable growth companies looking to obtain qualified sales meetings, introduce their product or service into new and existing markets, and dramatically increase their sales. For companies involved in the emerging markets of renewable energy and efficiency, waste optimization, green products and consulting, carbon markets and sequestration, change management, government compliance, or any sustainable growth opportunity, Revenue Spark can be of service. For more information please contact (917) 512-3205.

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