Introducing SampleMe™: Opinions Wanted, Instant Rewards!

Apr 25, 2016, 03:23 ET from SampleMe

DUBAI, UAE, April 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

SampleMe is a brand new app that allows consumers to get rewarded for doing the things they love and giving their opinion on new experiences. A world first, SampleMe utilizes 'social search' to give users a trustworthy online word of mouth 'WOM' recommendation on services, venues, products and places they should try.    

Its premise is super simple and super great; it's #allaboutme. The app allows users to earn instant free gifts, discounts or prizes just for taking a quick 20 seconds to give their opinion, good or bad. That's about the same time it takes people to instagram their main course! It can also tell users what their friends thought of somewhere and where the hottest new place is. "The app was born from a passion to give, a love to get and a desire to share. Traits we can all empathise with," said CEO Ryan Singlehurst. "We are delighted to be launching SampleMe in the Middle East market, particularly given the discerning calibre of consumers in this region and the natural culture of sociability that makes the UAE one of the best countries in the world!"

How it works - Give Today, Get Today!  

Download the app for free and it will notify the users when they enter a restaurant, store or venue in the SampleMe community. The user then chooses to answer a 20 second survey, post a picture or write a quick review. They can tell the venue about their experience, what they enjoyed or what they didn't. Because the app works in real time, the rewards do too. The user can claim an instant free gift or choose to save their points and redeem them against a super sample prize; that could include a ride in a Ferrari, a wakeboarding lesson, a Flyboard session, a professional photoshoot, an HD Brows treatment or eyelash extensions. 

Everyone cares what other people think  

The innovative social search structure of SampleMe allows the users to share their reviews with friends, and see what places their friends would recommend, which places they didn't like and where to get the best deal. So it's like having an actual trustworthy search engine (unless their friends have really bad taste!). There is even a 'Pay It Forward' function where users can send their friends a discount code for the places they liked the most!


The SampleMe app is free and easy to use. Consumers can use it to review the places they go and get free stuff just for giving their opinion. It will revolutionize the way consumers share and experience the things they love. The future of feedback is here!

About SampleMe 

SampleMe is the app that gives back. Our philosophy is simple: the more you give, the more you get. Write brief reviews or answer short surveys and receive instant rewards. The brainchild of digital guru, Ryan Singlehurst, SampleMe was created to be the ultimate thought engine, providing a totally unique new method of social search that will appeal to the consumer and an innovatively effective marketing tool for brands.  

The Sample Me app is free and easy to use. It enables you to:

- Make better buying decisions

- Collect rewards and free gifts

- Check menus and product lines

- Book tables and leave feedback 

- See where your friends have been enjoying themselves

- Pay it Forward: dine somewhere and send your friend a discount if they visit too

Sample the world and get rewarded. The future of feedback is here. Be a part of it.

Download the app today.



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