Introducing the $59 Linux Desktop Computer -- Userful MultiSeat Released

Dec 07, 2010, 09:20 ET from Userful Corporation

CALGARY, Alberta, Dec. 7, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Userful Corporation, the global leader in Linux desktop virtualization, has released Userful MultiSeat™ 4.0, software which turns one Linux computer into 11 high performance computer stations using standard USB devices including the HP t100, Wyse E01, MCT MWS 8820, and DisplayLink. Userful MultiSeat enables organizations to deploy large numbers of computer stations for a very low cost, whether in the classroom, office, call center, oil field, hospital, library, military base, internet cafe, or anywhere else multiple computers in close proximity are needed. It reduces hardware costs by up to 80% and energy costs by up to 90%. At $59 per seat (educational), Userful MultiSeat is the lowest cost computing solution available with the features and performance of a full desktop computer.  

Each user feels like they have their own dedicated PC, but in reality they are sharing the resources of a single host computer. Simply plug USB MultiSeat devices into the host PC for each monitor, keyboard, and mouse, install Userful software, and each user experiences high performance including full screen video.

"We've already implemented the world's largest ever desktop virtualization deployment, and one of the largest digital inclusion initiatives in the world," said Tim Griffin, President of Userful. "Userful MultiSeat 4.0 represents over one and a half years of development on top of a decade of shared resource computing experience. Userful is the perfect solution for anyone who wants the benefits of desktop virtualization, without the price tag. It's also lower cost than netbooks without the same concerns around recharging, durability, theft, e-waste, warranty, or small screen size."

Userful offers a free 11 station, 90 day pilot. To learn more, visit, email, or phone +1.403.289.2177 ext.795.

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About Userful: Userful Corporation is the world's leading Linux desktop virtualization company. The company's software which turns 1 computer into 11 lowers desktop computing costs and reduces both electricity consumption and e-waste. Userful's software is sold through resellers and OEMs worldwide. Privately held and founded in 1999, Userful launched their flagship product in 2002, and has since sold over 750,000 seats. Visit:

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