Introducing the Baynote Adaptive Web Suite

Company's new solution automatically adapts to real-time customer needs; delivers relevant, personal and convenient experience across digital touch points

Oct 28, 2010, 12:00 ET from Baynote

CHICAGO, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- FORRESTER'S CONSUMER FORUM -- Baynote, a leader in personalization and digital marketing optimization, today launched the Baynote Adaptive Web Suite™, an integrated set of applications that automatically adapts the customer experience across digital touch points, including web, mobile and email, in real-time. The adaptive web is a higher standard in customer experience that helps companies increase revenue, boost conversions and strengthen loyalty by ensuring that every digital experience is relevant, personal and convenient.  

According to a recent Accenture study, the majority of senior marketers surveyed believe their future success will depend on their ability to understand and act on changing customer expectations. (1) However, current tools require constant expert involvement and manual effort, lacking the ability to instantly and automatically adapt to evolving customer needs with the most useful content and offers. By leveraging the company's patented UseRank® technology to observe engagement patterns among like-minded individuals, the Adaptive Web Suite allows businesses to optimize their online presence and respond to customer intent in real-time.

"Marketers are struggling right now to adapt to shifting customer expectations and deliver consistently engaging digital experiences," said Mike Backlund, president and CEO of Baynote. "The Baynote Adaptive Web Suite is our response to this situation and it's central to our vision in which all of a business's digital touch points will instantly and automatically adapt to customer needs. Today's launch marks a significant milestone for Baynote in delivering on this vision and we look forward to introducing new capabilities in the future that span additional touch points and solution areas, such as navigation, offers and promotions, targeted ads and more."

The Baynote Adaptive Web Suite

The Adaptive Web Suite unifies multiple real-time applications on a common platform that improves business agility by allowing companies to deliver self-optimizing customer experiences across onsite search and recommendations, landing pages, email and mobile campaigns. Baynote's new Optimization Center offers comprehensive personalization, merchandising and editorial control, previewing, testing and reporting capabilities. The unified management console also features Search Insights™, an add-on module that suggests onsite, organic and original search terms that have been proven by the community to drive strong product and content engagements (see press release).

The suite's applications include:

  • Adaptive Recommendations automatically delivers relevant product and content recommendations in real-time, boosting customer engagement and conversion rates across all digital touch points;
  • Adaptive Onsite Search delivers fast, relevant search results that website visitors expect, regardless of the keywords they type, boosting website visitor engagement and conversion rates;
  • Adaptive Email automatically delivers relevant product, content and video recommendations in real-time via email, boosting click-through and conversion rates;
  • Adaptive Landing Pages dynamically delivers the most relevant products, articles and videos in website landing pages to acquire, engage and convert visitors via organic search or marketing campaigns.

Customer, Analyst and Partner Comments on the Adaptive Web

"Over 180,000 people visit every day for the latest trends in clothing, accessories and home furnishings, so it's imperative we provide an online experience that matches their current intent," said Max Perry, eCommerce web development director, Anthropologie. "Baynote's dynamic merchandising capabilities have helped us personalize the experience by marketing the products that are resonating most with like-minded customers. In addition to a 35 percent increase in average order value for products sold to users viewing Baynote recommendations, we have been able to save countless hours of manual work."

"Being one of the largest information services, publishing and software providers means hundreds of thousands of professionals rely on our websites to manage their businesses more effectively. Central to our success is delivering a highly personalized experience to our customers every time," said Andres Sadler, senior vice president of Corporate Strategy, Wolters Kluwer. "Baynote is helping us adapt the online experience by understanding precisely what customers need and promoting content that like-minded users find useful and engaging."

"Businesses have long focused on using data and analysis to better understand customer behavior in online channels. Unfortunately it's not enough to simply understand your customers, you need to take an active role in influencing behaviors," says Eric T. Peterson, founder and senior partner at the consulting firm Web Analytics Demystified. "Increasingly we see the use of algorithmically driven technologies like Baynote used in tandem with more traditional web optimization platforms to power more engaging digital experiences."

"An effective customer experience takes into account that relevance depends on context," said Chris Davey, global head of Commerce and Innovation, SapientNitro. "Customer expectations are heading towards a state where to thrive all companies will have a digital presence that adapts in real-time. To rely on yesterday's data and yesterday's behavior to drive today's online campaign is an inefficient use of marketing budgets."

For More Information

The Adaptive Web Suite is available now. To learn more visit  

About Baynote

Baynote provides personalization and digital marketing optimization solutions that power the adaptive web, an emerging standard in customer experience that is always personal, relevant and convenient. By observing engagement patterns among like-minded individuals to understand user intent, the Baynote Adaptive Web Suite™ automatically optimizes and adapts the online experience, leading to increased conversions, revenue and loyalty. Baynote's customers include: AT&T, CA, Dell, Expedia, Intuit, Fox, Urban Outfitters and VEVO. The company is based in San Jose, Calif. with additional offices in the U.K. and Germany. For more information, please visit

(1) "Onward and Up: How Marketers Are Refocusing the Front Office for Growth," Accenture. Aug. 2010

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