Introducing Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor, the New Fragrance

Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's iconic violet eyes

May 04, 2010, 06:56 ET from Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor

NEW YORK, May 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Violet Eyes is an expression of Elizabeth Taylor, an intriguing global icon. Her timeless beauty has always been highlighted by her truly unforgettable and mesmerizing violet eyes. The color violet is associated with imagination and inspiration – befitting of a fragrance from Elizabeth Taylor.   Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's iconic violet eyes, this fragrance is feminine, captivating, intriguing and sophisticated.  

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"I love floral fragrances, and wanted Violet Eyes to make women feel beautiful, sophisticated, and sensual.  It was a great joy to create Violet Eyes with a bouquet of fragrance notes that I adore, carefully fine-tuning every aspect of it.  Everything, down to the last detail, comes from my heart and my soul.  I send this fragrance into the world with love..." - Elizabeth Taylor.

International perfumer Carlos Benaim of IFF worked side by side with Elizabeth Taylor to create her new fragrance, Violet Eyes.  Carlos was also the perfumer who collaborated with Elizabeth Taylor to create the iconic fragrance White Diamonds.  Carlos describes his inspiration for Violet Eyes – When asked about his inspiration to create the new fragrance Violet Eyes along with Elizabeth Taylor, Carlos Benaim recalls right away his first encounters with the star, in the early 90's, when they created White Diamonds together.  "At first, you perceive the brightness of her gaze. Then she looks straight at you, and there you are, staring at the most famous eyes in the world. And they are indeed violet, absolutely unique and truly beautiful."  Carlos Benaim wanted this fragrance to express that unique blend of lightness, intensity, and deep seduction.  "Having met Elizabeth Taylor and using her violet eyes as the inspiration, I chose flowers and materials that would evoke the color violet, its texture, sophistication and elegance, but also the brightness and sparkle that I recall in her eyes."   Light shades of Purple Rose and Violet Peony, combined with velvety accents of White Peach, express a weightless and bright femininity, while a voluptuous blend of Cedar Wood and Amber convey the powerful sensuality and mystery of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes.

The violet color palette was inspired by Elizabeth Taylor's famous eyes.  

"Both the bottle and the outer package were carefully designed to my specifications.  The contrast of both shiny and matte surfaces and watercolor violets combine to make this an exquisite design."  - Elizabeth  Taylor.

The iconic White Diamonds bottle is presented in a shade of frosted violet glass complemented by a matching reflective cap and joined together with a shiny silver faux pave collar.    An elegant carton of mirrored violet foil is accented with embossed watercolor.

Eau de Parfum Spray/ Vaporisateur

1.7 fl. oz. /50 ml

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Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor is available at fine department stores nationwide.

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