Introducing Wüd: The First Hand Crafted Wood Wrap for E-cigarettes

New vape accessory premieres at ECC-Expo in LA, California and takes the market by storm.

Aug 14, 2015, 09:00 ET from Wud

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Aug. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Wüd, an accessory specifically tailored for the vaping community, gives consumers the ability to turn any ordinary box mod into a luxurious wood box. Made from 100% wood veneer, the skins/wraps are hand-finished and crafted all in the United States. Everything but chopping down the trees is done in their warehouse, from staining to laser cutting to packaging.

The company has its hand in multiple e-cigarette venues and has been a part of the industry for many years. When asked, why wood veneers? The CEO responded, "There are many accessories already on the market, but they consist mostly of silicone and stickers. We wanted to create a product that transforms any vape product into a luxury item."

The wooden wraps are available in four different colored stains and are hand-crafted for a variety of box mod styles and brands. If you can't find your style or brand, Wüd can create a custom wrap just for your box mod.

Wooden box mods are no stranger to the industry, but most products range from $200-500. Attendees at ECC-Expo will get a sneak peek into the full Wüd line of products and have the opportunity to purchase their wrap before the mainstream market. Wüd will be available for purchase starting August 31, 2015, but you can preview their full line of products on the Wüd website and on Premium E-cigarette.

About Wüd

Wüd strives for quality, using only 100% wood veneers made in the USA. Handcrafted in their Eastern shore, VA facility, they handle all avenues from sanding to staining, laser cutting and packaging. The website is set to take orders on August 31, 2015, with the goal to reach global distribution. Wüd is looking for distributors and manufacturers interested in selling/creating more skins. For more information, visit Current distribution and retail can be found at and