Invest by Rubicoin Launches With $2.2 Million In Funding And A Radical Premise

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Dec 16, 2015, 12:40 ET from Rubicoin

NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- In the crowded financial products market, the strategy of enticing new investors appears to be less of a strategy than a soothing message: We'll take care of everything for you. Whether it's investing your spare change a la Acorns or choosing from a slew of ETF and robo-advisor offerings, products targeted to new investors appear to be solely focused on passive investment options.

Invest by Rubicoin which launches today on iOS, offers a clear alternative: Buy stock in the brands you love and build wealth over time.

Rubicoin Founder and CEO, Emmet Savage, created Invest by Rubicoin to give new investors confidence. "It's time for the stock market to be democratized," Savage said. "There's no reason why new or inexperienced investors can't be guided and coached to buy stocks in the brands they believe in--and create wealth over time. Just buying one share in a company you love sets a lifelong pattern that can turn into a secure future."

To that effect, Invest by Rubicoin has selected 37 stocks for its showroom--and these are the recommended stocks to build a portfolio that provides long term gains and safety. To make the investment process even easier, Invest by Rubicoin onboards users right from their smartphones and removes all barriers to investing by offering a simple, clean and intuitive user experience. Sign-in or sign-up for a brokerage account, tap or swipe to invest, and get constant support with in-app messages and email. 

Emmet Savage is a 2015 Wall St. 50 honoree and ranked in the first percentile of investors in the world. When audited by KPMG in 2014, the average annual return of his personal portfolio was in excess of 24.4% per annum for 11 years, and 44% for the last 5 years. Emmet has taught investing for 20 years and contributed to The Motley Fool for over a decade, and his passion is educating and empowering people of all ages to become successful investors.

Rubicoin has raised a total of $2.2 million from The Motley Fool, Enterprise Ireland and several private investors who have strategically aligned experience.

Tom Gardner, CEO of The Motley Fool said, "Helping the world invest better is what we do at The Motley Fool, and Rubicoin's focus on the new investor audience via their mobile platform is very appealing to us. We're excited at Invest by Rubicoin's potential to transform lives by helping new investors go from Zero to One."

Savage continued, "I know one good investment decision can entirely change a person's future--and yet stock ownership in the U.S. is at an all time low. There is nothing exclusive or highbrow about the stock market and it has been the single most successful wealth creation vehicle since its inception. Whether the market is high or low is irrelevant--just get in. When you are holding onto quality stocks in companies you believe in, over time, the financial rewards will come."

Invest by Rubicoin brokerage partners include E*Trade, Fidelity, OptionsHouse, Charles Schwab, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, TradeStation, and Tradier Brokerage. Rubicoin most recently integrated with innovative brokerage Robinhood. This integration aligns with Rubicoin's philosophy of creating simple, quick and beautiful ways for people to start investing --with no added trading commissions.

For more advanced investors, Invest Pro by Rubicoin will be released in 2016. The company has also released the app Learn by Rubicoin for those interested in knowing more about the stock market before beginning to invest.

Savage summed up the brand loyalty and investment context this way: "Disney has been present throughout my life, from my first trip to their Florida theme park as a child, right through to owning Pixar and Marvel shares as an adult--both of which Disney acquired. Today my kids know we own a small part of the world's king of entertainment and understand that we're going to hold them for years to come, because we love what they do and believe they'll get even better at it."

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Rubicoin is the maker of a suite of financial investment tools designed to transform anyone into an informed, confident investor. Rubicoin aims to level the playing field so that both beginning and experienced investors can make smart investment choices and build strong portfolios to ensure a better future. With over 20 years experience of successful investing, and partnered with The Motley Fool, Rubicoin is making brilliant investing easy for everyone. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland and New York. For more information, please visit, and join us on Facebook and Twitter.

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