Investors May Turn to Fixed Income Securities in Rising Interest Rate Environments: RidgeWorth Investments Releases New White Paper

Jul 09, 2013, 12:06 ET from RidgeWorth Investments

ATLANTA, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- RidgeWorth's publication, "Fixed Income Strategies for Rising Rate Environments," suggests that various fixed income strategies may be employed as potential counters to interest rate changes. For fixed income investors, rising rate environments are often associated with falling bond prices.  But for prepared advisors and clients, certain strategies may provide a more competitive total return.

According to the paper, there are several factors that have led to the current low interest rate environment.  "We expect short rates to be low for quite some time. While short-term rates and the Fed's tapering of quantitative easing are not independent of each other, this tapering does not necessarily indicate that the Fed is imminently going to go raise short term rates," said Chad Stephens, managing director at StableRiver Capital Management and portfolio manager of the RidgeWorth U.S. Government Securities Ultra-Short Bond Fund. 

The paper suggests using ultra-short bonds and floating rate bank loans to prepare for changing rate environments.  Because of ultra-short bonds' lower sensitivity to rate changes, these bonds may offer greater price protection than their longer-term equivalents.  Floating rate bank loans feature coupons that reset as interest rates change, generally allowing them to hold their value in a changing rate environment.

The paper concludes that investors may want to consider shifting the fixed income portion of their portfolios into professionally managed strategies designed to combat, or even benefit from, rising interest rates. RidgeWorth Investments offers multiple fixed income mutual funds designed to generate attractive return potential during any interest rate environment.

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