INXPO Formally Announces Social Business TV

Solution Solves Significant Communications Problems by providing every business its own TV Network

Jun 19, 2012, 06:00 ET from INXPO

CHICAGO, June 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In the 15th Annual Global CEO Survey 2012 from PwC, 66% of CEOs want to spend more time developing relationships with customers and staff. But in a rapidly changing business environment, and with employees, partners and customers widely dispersed, how can this be done?

INXPO has launched Social Business TV to address corporations' various communications needs. The simple and ready-made, multi-channel TV station rides atop INXPO's industry-leading digital communication platform. Modeled on the traditional TV metaphor, the platform allows for multi-channel, live or on-demand broadcasts.

Taking advantage of current technologies, it elegantly and seamlessly integrates video broadcasts with slides, desktop sharing and social media applications for a unique interactive experience. Each business can privately brand their own channels and secure them for unique audiences where necessary. The benefits of Social Business TV include:

  • Communicate regularly through multiple channels to your entire organization, partners, and customer base via a 100% secure digital environment.
  • Empower your audience by keeping them up to date and interacting with them to obtain valuable feedback.
  • Add an interactive layer to your pre-existing video content.
  • Utilize video, audio, slides and screen sharing.
  • Deliver your message to both desktops and mobile devices.
  • Analyze rich and detailed engagement metrics to help inform your future communications.

"In 2011, I started my own CEO channel using our technology. I named it 'Coffee Talk' and have been communicating regularly with our entire company via a live video broadcast," said Malcolm Lotzof, Co-Founder and CEO, INXPO. "I made sure that each talk was a two-way, rather than one-way conversation. And employees tell me that they're better informed than ever," continued Lotzof.

Other use cases of Social Business TV include:

  • Weekly "ask the expert" sessions with subject matter experts from various departments.
  • Quarterly "all hands" or "town hall" meetings.
  • Monthly HR announcements.
  • Frequent Partner and Customer updates
  • Product Announcements

"We're excited about how our early customers are implementing Social Business TV," stated Scott Kellner, CMO at INXPO. "They're replacing one-way communication like email and newsletters, which have become stale, with synchronous communication and live video that's more engaging and measurable."

For more information on INXPO's Social Business TV solution, email us or call 312.962.3708.


INXPO is changing the way businesses communicate with their constituents. With our industry-leading and award-winning Digital Communications Platform we deliver always on, Social Business TV, as well as episodic Virtual Events. To date, we have delivered more than 2,500 successful virtual events and Social Business TV experiences for global customers, including American Marketing Association (AMA), Autodesk, Cisco, Freeman, George P. Johnson, Hilton, HIMSS, P&G, PCMA, TechTarget, UBM and U.S. Department of State. We are headquartered in Chicago and on the Web. Visit us at and on Twitter at @INXPO.

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