ION Rewards® App Pays Users to Pay With Their Smartphones

App Also Pays to Connect With Friends and Sign Up Favorite Places

Jul 12, 2012, 10:00 ET from Sionic Mobile

ATLANTA, July 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Sionic Mobile today announced the U.S. release of ION Rewards® - a free app that pays consumers to buy the things they always buy, pay with their phones, connect with friends and sign up their favorite places.

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An industry first, ION uses next-gen Dwolla payments so consumers can earn digital ION rewards by paying with their phone at any ION merchant, leaving their wallet in their handbag or pocket.  With ION and Dwolla, there is no special chip or extra device required by either consumer or merchant and mobile payments are instant.

"We've taken the ease and practicality of, say, the Starbucks® mobile payment app, but rather than scanning barcodes on customers' phones and mailing card rewards, we transfer cash securely through the cloud using Dwolla and deliver instant, digital rewards for every purchase," stated Ronald Herman, CEO.  "What's more," Herman said, "every ION merchant accepts Dwolla and rewards customers with IONs so users can earn IONs at one place and spend them like cash at another."

ION has a built-in social layer where friends connect inside the app and share extra rewards when any of their connections use ION.  "Think of it as social spending where everyone is thanked for their loyalty," said Herman.

A true, greenfield opportunity, the ION marketplace is completely untapped and free for the taking. The ION app's Pioneer feature makes it easy and lucrative for ION users to sign up their favorite places.  In many cases, bonus IONs worth $5 to $20 or more are rewarded for each new merchant sign-up on top of the rewards users receive every time any ION customer spends there. "Rather than paying a dedicated sales staff to knock on merchants' doors," stated Herman, "we are giving that cash directly to our ION users for helping us grow."

One thousand ION digital rewards equals one U.S. dollar. Search ION Rewards in your favorite app store or visit

About ION
ION is the first, fully digital mobile payment and social loyalty app combining merchant offers, customer rewards and card-less payments in simple apps for phones and tablets.  ION Loyalty® pays merchants for customer rewards and helps neighborhood retailers and restaurants increase sales and cut credit card fees.  ION Rewards® pays consumers for paying with their phones, connecting with friends, signing up favorite places and buying things they already buy. The free apps support iOS and Android devices. Visit or

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