iPinYou Launches BorderX Lab for a Global Programmatic Marketing Platform

Jul 06, 2015, 10:58 ET from iPinYou

BEIJING, July 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, iPinYou officially launched its North America subsidiary BorderX Lab, in a bid to build a cross border demand side platform (DSP) marketing platform. The move marks a firm step forward for iPinYou's globalization endeavors. As the largest demand side platform in China, iPinYou ushers in an era of cross-border programmatic services.

Ms. Grace Huang, CEO and Co-founder of iPinYou, said: "The programmatic advertising technology offers international companies (such as cross border e-commerce platforms and tourism service providers) unprecedented opportunities to tap into the Chinese market, and also makes it possible for many of our Chinese clients to go global. iPinYou has the full potential to be the best cross-border DSP, as it is already the largest DSP in China, knows the Chinese market well, and has a strong management team all with western education background."

Booming Demand for Cross Border DSP

Over the years, numerous international brands have been drawn to the great opportunities in China, as people are buying more online from overseas, and shopping sprees like China's 'Single's Day' (Double Eleven) and Black Friday are more popular. According to a report by China E-Commerce Research Center, the trade volume of China's cross border e-commerce in 2014 grew at 33.3% y-o-y to reach approximately RMB 4.2 trillion yuan, of which, 85.4% is export and 14.6% import. There remains huge potential for the cross border e-commerce market.

Apart from e-commerce, international companies in such industries as airline, finance and tourism are also eyeing the Chinese market, and eager to seek help from a DSP platform familiar with the Chinese market. Meanwhile, Chinese companies are expediting their "going global" strategy and increase their demand for an integrated platform to market globally. iPinYou takes advantage of this booming market and establishes BorderX Lab to meet both domestic and international clients' needs for cross border marketing and DSP. Mr. Mark Xie, COO of iPinYou, remarked: "Many Chinese companies hope to reach overseas customers through our platform, and many international companies seek our help when they are hindered by promotional obstacles in China."

The Best Technological Team doing the Most Awesome Thing Done

The Best Technology. BorderX Lab, located in Sillicon Valley, boasts an advantageous interface with frontier advertising technology, and a pool of the best IT minds. Mr. Xuehua Shen, CTO of iPinYou will be Head of BorderX Lab. Core co-founding team are from such tech giants as Google, Alibaba and VMware and several Ph.D graduates from major US universities. The team includes several experts in DMP development, data modeling, or DSP algorithm. They are veterans of Silicon Valley, with rich experience in big data, mobile advertising technology and cross border e-commerce, and are also familiar with the Chinese market and know Chinese consumers well. Mr. Chengdu Huang has a Ph.D in computer sciences from the University of Illinois Urbaba-Champaign. He engaged in the development of Borg -- the resource management system of cloud computing platform at Google. Mr. Qiang Li has a Ph.D in Statistics from Yale University and worked as research fellow at HP Lab, and then joined Alibaba as an Architect for TANX (an ad trade platform) and DSP products. He was also the first director for Alibaba's DMP product. Mr. Jun Liu has a Ph.D in data mining from the University of Florida. He boasts seven years of experience in behavior-based big data, and headed the Tech Lead of Audience Ads at Google.  

Better Serving International Brands with Mobile Technology

Co-founder and CTO of iPinYou, Mr. Xuehua Shen commented: "The launch of BorderX Lab is also a show of our intention to strengthen iPinYou's talent team in mobile business and mobile technology. We interact with the most dynamic ad technology circle in Silicon Valley, and provide quality mobile ad services for our Chinese and international clients with the best technology."

In an interview, Mr. Xuehua Shen noted: "The founding of BorderX Lab in North America has profound significance to iPinYou. It will accelerate the global business of iPinYou by helping Chinese companies expand globally and facilitate international companies to tap into the Chinese market. Along the way, we expect BorderX Lab to offer the best mobile technology and algorithm and promote DSP integration with international practices. iPinYou will better innovate on mobile technology, utilizing overseas technology and talent to faster turn concepts into mobile products and platforms."

In an age of globalization when programmatic service is highlighted, it's foreseeable that the founding of BorderX Lab will promote the integration of China's programmatic service with international practices, and advance the sustainable development of the whole industry.