IREP Achieves Industry's Fastest Processing (Based on IREP Research): "Smartphone Bidding Optimization Support Tool" Developed by IREP

Mar 26, 2013, 01:02 ET from IREP Co., Ltd.

- Research and Development of "Google Enhanced Campaign" Migration Support Tool -

TOKYO, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- IREP Co., Ltd. announced on March 26 that it has completed development of a tool called "Smartphone Bidding Optimization Support Tool," which supports the migration of the current service to Google "Enhanced Campaign," and the service will start in April 2013. Through smooth migration, it is possible to achieve even better results that are only possible with the optimum configuration based on analytical results.

- Background
"Smartphone Bidding Optimization Support Tool" is a support tool for bidding optimization researched and developed by IREP, which aims to support the smooth migration of the existing campaigns of advertisers to the Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign started by Google Inc. on February 7, 2013.

The background to this migration is that, as Google rolls out the Enhancement Campaign, companies using existing Google AdWords are mandatorily required to migrate to the Enhancement Campaign by around June this year. After migration, advertisers will be able to change details of bidding as per area, as well as configure all site links in a group at once, which previously needed schedule setting and configuration per campaign; and, there will be many more advantages related to managing and operating advertisements.

On the other hand, because the Enhanced Campaign basically does not allow keyword-wise management of bidding prices for smartphones independently from PCs and sets a uniform coefficient for keyword bidding prices among campaigns for smartphones, companies that manage current campaigns for PCs and smartphones separately face difficulties when setting respective bidding prices. If there are multiple keywords in a single campaign, and each SP/PC value (*1) is unique, there can be confusion over which figure should be set for the campaign (see the graph:

Considering this background, IREP has launched a task force for the Enhanced Campaign, in which we offer advertisers smooth migration to the Enhanced Campaign based on our ample knowhow and knowledge on SEM (Search Engine Marketing), which are accumulated through our digital marketing agency businesses in many years. This task force played a central role in building the data analysis guideline and programming, and eventually achieved development of a calculation program for effectively supporting bidding-price setting for smartphones. Finally, we aim to reinforce our structure and build an environment to support advertisers by leading them to set optimal bidding prices for smartphones, which had been a bottleneck for most companies.

(*1) SP/PC value (unit: %) = smartphone (SP) bidding price/PC bidding price - 100%

Overview of Smartphone Bidding Optimization Support Tool Service:
- Service: Enhanced Campaign migration support service using "Smartphone Bidding Optimization Support Tool"
- Commencing: In April, 2013
- Targets: All Google AdWords accounts managed by IREP
- Price: Free
Processing flow:
1. Eliminate keywords that have fewer click counts based on our unique logic
2. Calculate SP/PC values of all remaining keywords
3. Cluster each keyword in the campaign based on SP/PC values
4. Calculate the cost of each cluster in each campaign
5. Judge which keyword cluser is split into new campaigns, based on the result of "4" and the allowed upper limit of campaign incrementation
6. Next, calculate recommended SP/PC values for every campaign
7. Create an analysis report
8. Consult to set bidding price for Enhanced Campaign
*1-7 will be processed automatically by a tool.

- Future deployment
We will implement the tool programs developed for a portion of accounts by the middle of April, enhance the precision of the logic, and start applying it into all accounts managed by IREP between the early and middle parts of April. After Enhancement Campaign migration is completed, we will strengthen the logic and install it as a bidding function for Smartphone price-setting on "Marketia (R)(*2)," a platform developed/operated by IREP.

(*2) About Marketia (R) ( (Japanese Only)
"Marketia (R)" is a new-generation operational platform developed by IREP to take corporate digital marketing strategies to a higher level. Since its introduction, Marketia (R) has served as a platform for integrating and managing a series of businesses from strategy setting to evaluating the effectiveness of digital marketing. Marketia (R) has intelligence that evolves successive measures based on analyses of information and the day-to-day accumulation of data, and technology that automates tasks required to achieve measures.

At IREP, we will continue research and development activities to significantly improve problem solving for advertisers, and strengthen our services to support enterprise digital marketing of our clients.

- About IREP
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