Iron City Brewing Announces Additional Production Runs to Meet Overwhelming Demand For New IC Light® Mango

Sep 13, 2011, 16:09 ET from Iron City Brewing Co.

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Iron City Brewing Co. today announced it soon will conduct a secondary production run for new IC Light® Mango, the first mango-flavored light beer in the United States.  The additional production runs were necessary to meet the overwhelming market demand for IC Light Mango, which was introduced this summer.

"In the past, Iron City had developed a reputation as an innovative leader in the beer industry," said Ed Lozano, president and CEO of Iron City Brewing.  "With this successful launch, we are pleased to once again bring that legacy of innovation to the forefront of the industry with a wonderfully great-tasting and refreshing product."

The IC Light Mango launch represents Iron City Brewing's first major marketing initiative under the new ownership and management team that acquired the brewery in April 2011.  It also marks the first product launch for the company in more than a decade.

"Other mango-flavored malt beverages and ales have been on the market, but we're the first to offer mango in a light beer product," said Jon Burdette, senior brand manager for Iron City Brewing. "It's an ideal summer beverage – light, refreshing with a hint of exotic flavor – the right brand at the right time.

"People who are looking for a refreshing new citrus flavor in their light beer now have a terrific option that's different from all of the other brands."

Bar and restaurant operators throughout the distribution area for IC Light Mango report that the new product has been extremely well-received by customers.

"With a few launch parties to help push the launch of IC Light Mango, we have grown our numbers all summer," said Jimmy Vegas, manager of Mullen's Bar and Grill in Pittsburgh.  "This product has been phenomenal this summer, and we're excited for more new products from Iron City."

About Iron City Brewing Company

Iron City Brewing Co. is based in Pittsburgh with brewing operations in Latrobe, Pa.  Its brands are iconic throughout the Western Pennsylvania region, and its core products, Iron City Beer and IC Light, enjoy a loyal following around the world, wherever "Pittsburgh Nation" beer drinkers congregate.  During the brewery's 150-year history, it has introduced many innovations, including the twist-off cap and the snap-top can, and in 1976 it was the first brewery in the United States to produce a light beer.

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