Iron Sleek Announces New Outdoor Hockey Rink Boards Made Of Poly Steel

The new Iron Sleek poly steel ice rink boards are custom designed and manufactured by Iron Sleek and available for this year's hockey season.

Nov 05, 2015, 07:11 ET from Iron Sleek

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, Ill., Nov. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Iron Sleek has added a new product to its line of backyard ice rink kits and supplies: poly steel hockey rink boards. The new boards are made of durable HDPE poly and strengthened with galvanized iron beams, yet still look sleek and elegant.

"I knew that there was a market for an amazing outdoor rink board. Dashers are heavy, bulky, and very expensive. They have their place but they are not a practical option for most people. Lumber and plywood are cost effective, but neither is ideal. We needed something affordable and awesome. It took us a few years and 10 plus prototypes but we nailed it. We have created top-quality poly panels that have a true dasher appeal. It is a breakthrough product on many levels," said Jackie Barbanente, director of strategy for Iron Sleek (

Iron Sleek manufactures patented brackets, custom ice rink liners, and backyard ice rink kits. They see many of the same customers return each year looking for ways to improve or enhance their outdoor rink.

"Our customers love their rinks. Every year, they seek ways to improve them and that has helped me become a better manufacturer. I used to think that the focus of an outdoor rink was solely about the ice and the construction. NOPE! The Rink is our customer's treasure. It is where they work hard, play hard, and make memories that will last a lifetime. They want ice rink boards that look as good as they perform and we are happy to deliver on that," said Michael Barbanente, principal at Iron Sleek (

Iron Sleek boards are available at and are available for viewing at the company's Chicagoland showroom.

About Iron Sleek: Iron Sleek is a full-service provider of backyard ice rinks, engineering and manufacturing the systems themselves. The company was founded by life-long friends who wanted to develop a better, easier way to build a backyard ice rink using an "Exact Bracket". The end result was "Iron Sleek," a compact, versatile, strong steel bracket that stores and ships efficiently.


SOURCE Iron Sleek