Is America's 'Craziest Dating Expert' For Real?

Blogosphere Debates Over Viral Videos of the Author of Guide to Studying Abroad and Meeting European Men

Oct 25, 2010, 16:46 ET from Katherine Chole Cahoon

NEW YORK, Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Katherine Chole Cahoon has written a humorous but tip-filled book, The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men that is part tour guide, part dating handbook, but all fun. It's a unique hybrid of strategies for traveling and for meeting men. To promote the book's launch this month, the Vanderbilt graduate (she majored in International Media and Management while making the dean's list every year) had her father shoot some campy, playful videos of the young, green-eyed blonde cozying with model-esque European hunks.

With millions of videos on You Tube, Katherine was able to break through the clutter and climb to instant digital fame. Her videos have developed a cult following, propelling her book into Amazon's top five selling books on traveling solo and top 100 of all dating books. Her video character has been compared to the one in Legally Blonde – you'll have to be the judge of who the real Katherine Chloe Cahoon is.

AOL just did a story on her that puts it into perspective: .

Here's what the blogosphere is saying: says: "The Internet is debating over whether an author's video about dating European men is a joke…Advice from a crazy American lady." "Just like any author worth their advance these days, she's been hitting You Tube in an attempt to drum up some viral buzz for her book. Well, mission accomplished."

Gawker says: "The world's craziest dating expert." says: "The videos are so wacky."

Perez Hilton says: "How to meet European Men! You know you're dying to know! This video will show you how! (And also cause uncontrollable giggles!!!)."

Jaunted says: "We fear she's for real."

Crushable says: "If Katherine and her single ladies guide to meeting European gentlemen is a joke, it is a very elaborate one. If not, God help us all. (I am buying my copy this week)."

TheGloss says: "This is the best dating video in the history of the world."

PublishersWeekly blogger, Beyond Her Book, says: "Please enjoy meeting debut author Katherine Chloe Cahoon, who I predict everyone will know her name in the next few years."

Daily Collegian (Penn State):  "At its heart, "The Single Girl's Guide" is a cute, funny diversion, and it's sure to make the Sex and the City set squeal." says: "It's a goldmine."

Topics discussed in her book include:

  • Forty Flirty Tips
  • How to Prepare for Your Trip
  • How to Wear What Gets the Guys
  • How to Deal with the Do's and Don'ts of Dining Overseas
  • How to Have the Most Fun Dating Foreigners
  • The types of European Men to Avoid
  • The Hottest Spots to Meet European Men
  • Long-Distance Dating Strategies

Sure to liven up any trip with its personal anecdotes, fun advice, and inside information into the hottest spots in Europe, The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men is a must-have for any single woman looking to go abroad. Not sure if she is for real? Consult her Web site and you can decide for yourself: .  

SOURCE Katherine Chole Cahoon