IS OSAMA BIN LADEN DEAD? Ask Ex-White House Aide Robert Weiner and Analyst James Lewis

Dec 24, 2010, 05:00 ET from Robert Weiner Associates

Assert al Qaeda "Scamming" U.S. with False Tapes no different from SNL's Famed Impersonators

WASHINGTON, Dec. 24, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --Last week, al Qaeda issued its annual Christmas threat to the United States promising suicide bombings during the holidays. Ex-White House aide Robert Weiner and national security analyst James Lewis say, "Here's a better idea for a Christmas present from al Qaeda: a video showing Osama bin Laden - or his grave."

In an op-ed in the Washington Times, Weiner and Lewis ask, "Is bin Laden dead or alive? The White House's Afghanistan-Pakistan review this month didn't even mention him despite an ongoing, decade-long manhunt.

"Since 2004, we have seen no new bin Laden videos; we've only heard audios. One 2007 video could be a compilation of older videos. Why does the intelligence community support the impression (by al Qaeda) that he's alive?

"Everyone in America knows how spot-on impersonations can be. 'Saturday Night Live' has been doing them for years. Without the glasses, Tina Fey is herself; with them, she is Sarah Palin. Even the cast mixed them up when Palin actually showed up. Amy Poehler's Hillary Clinton and Darrell Hammond's Bill Clinton have riveted late-night viewers for decades. Has Tina Fey met her match in al Qaeda?

"Al Qaeda wants America and the world to believe bin Laden is still alive. His image is a specter of the horrors of September 11, helping build public support for everything from troop surges a globe away to warrantless wiretaps at home."

The Intelligence Community has in fact played along with al Qaeda, Weiner and Lewis assert: "On Oct. 27, after bin Laden supposedly demanded that France withdraw troops from Afghanistan, the French Foreign Ministry said the tape 'can be considered established based on initial verification.' U.S. intelligence agencies gave credence to the verification, not only refusing to put out a disclaimer, but letting their staffs back the authenticity of other recent tapes. Upon release of al Qaeda's Jan. 24 tape early last year, ABC reported that intelligence officials 'can't verify the authenticity of the tape, but they say there has never been a fake and there is no reason to believe this one is not real.'

"If al Qaeda wants America to believe bin Laden is alive, it should put up or shut up.

"Here's a challenge to al Qaeda: Send a new video that can be analyzed properly. Otherwise, we'll take it all as a big scam, al Qaeda's version of 'Saturday Night Live.' You betcha, he's dead.

"Bin Laden had (has) diseases from typhoid to renal disease, Addison's disease, osteoporosis and Marfan syndrome. Is it likely that the most wanted man in the world has been regularly receiving sophisticated medical attention in a cave without detection for the past 10 years?"


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