Is The Douglas County DA Taking A Dive On Davis Case? Attorney Larry Klayman Wants To Know!

Jeff Maes Screams Foul to Likely CIA Pressure to Downgrade Davis Felony Charge

Jul 16, 2012, 12:44 ET from Larry Klayman

DENVER, July 16, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Larry Klayman, legal counsel to Jeffrey and Jacqueline Maes and their family, said he was informed by Doug Bechtel, an assistant to Douglas County District Attorney Carol Chambers, that their office was seriously considering downgrading a second degree felony charge leveled against CIA agent Raymond Davis

Klayman said Davis attacked Jeffrey Maes last year in a parking lot, causing Maes serious injuries to his neck and back. Davis, who just months before had also executed and killed two Pakistanis in Karachi, said Klayman, became the subject of an international confrontation between Pakistan and the United States, after he was arrested and charged with murder.  

To obtain Davis' release to remove him from the clutches of Pakistani law enforcement authorities, Klayman said President Obama orchestrated payment of about $2 million in "blood money" to victims' families. In addition to the criminal charges, the Maes' sued Davis in civil court for damages sustained in the attack.

According to Klayman, it now appears the CIA has unlawfully intervened and pressured DA Chambers to downgrade the felony charges, despite the serious bodily injuries to Jeff Maes. This is not coincidental, particularly since the Obama administration recently signed an agreement with Pakistan to restore normal relations, Klayman said.  "In exchange, billions of dollars of foreign aid will again flow to the Muslim nation who hid Osama Bin Laden for nearly a decade." This agreement likely reduced Pakistan's wrath over Davis' murder of the two Pakistanis, freeing the CIA to try to get Davis off the hook with Chambers.

Klayman said: "DA Chambers has hard evidence from Maes' physicians that his serious injuries were caused by Davis' attack. Now the prosecutor conveniently says, after she indicted Davis for a felony, that the injuries are degenerative. This 'change of heart' can only be the result of political pressure. During this time of widespread distrust of government, the actions of DA Chambers are more than disappointing; they raise the spectre of her taking a dive. I call upon the media to investigate this, before Davis is permanently released onto the streets."

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SOURCE Larry Klayman