Is Your Online Dream Date a Liar? Reveals the Truth about Online Profiles

Jun 16, 2010, 09:00 ET from

LOS ANGELES, June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 100 million single people over the age of 18, with some 40 million of them using online dating or social networking sites.

Unfortunately, research also reveals at least half of the potential cyber mates are lying or misrepresenting themselves in their profiles or photos. How do you know if that 6'5" guy is closer to 5'6" or the thirtysomething gal is actually pushing 50? to the rescue.

The recently launched website has the 411 on whose posts are works of fiction and whose are the real deal. By logging on to and writing reviews - identifying people by their screen name and dating site only - members let you know if your prospective date is telling the truth or a bald-faced lie. Is your dream date on the list? Are you?

The brainchild of writer and marketer Beth Greenfield, the site is born of her own surprising, disappointing and often funny experiences in the internet dating world.

"I wanted to create a vehicle for exchanging information about people who lie on their profiles, not about what kind of date the person was. That's a whole different dynamic," she says. "My concern is with the very first reason we want to meet each other - are they telling the truth in their picture and their profile?"

As the internet dating watchdog, the site occupies a unique niche as the only truly professional, full service site devoted to setting the record straight. And, in the ultimate nod to fairness, anyone who receives a negative review can refute the accusations and others can add their opinion, as well.

While Liarliar's mission is to expose the truth, the site is designed to be entertaining and even offer a few dating possibilities of its own as well as a host of other engaging interactive features.

Through Puppy Love, dog lovers can meet possible mates who share the same passion for a particular breed. Audio Horoscopes lets you meet your most compatible astrological love sign. On the Message Board, people can seek suitable partners via areas of compatibility such as interests and activities.

In addition, includes contests, relationship blogs and fun provocative quizzes to test your own sexy savvy. A mobile capability will even allow users to check and post while still on their date.

As founder and CEO, Greenfield believes Liarliar can transform the online dating landscape: "I think people will check their own reviews to see if somebody called them out and then fix the most glaring misrepresentations, like photos that are 15 years old. We also want to hear about those who were totally honest."

With a demographic that cuts across income, age, education, religion, etc., offers advertisers a bonanza of opportunities, from fine dining to fast food, from personal fitness to pet care, from sports equipment to spa vacations and countless other possibilities.

The basic post and search feature will remain free but as conditions warrant, the premium dating services will become subscription-fee based. Revenue is also expected through "Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire!" and other merchandise and the development of various media properties.

Forty million Americans from 18 to 80 are on an online quest for love. will ensure they get a lot more truth in advertising.

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