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NEW YORK, Jan. 24, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- has tons of advice on how to find a realtor, but once you hire one, you've got to make sure she's holding up her end of the bargain. So, how do you tell if your realtor is really earning her commission or not?

Answering this question really boils down to what your realtor promised you upfront. (After all, you DID have a lengthy discussion with her before you hired her, right?!) So, is she doing what she said she would? mortgage outlook: How Will Mortgage Rates Be Affected by the Debt Ceiling Debate?

For example, if she sat down with you and explained her specific strategy for selling houses in your area – is she sticking to it? Or, is she just doing a couple of the things she talked about and ignoring the rest?

And what about communication? If your realtor billed herself as "only a phone call, text message, or email away" before you agreed to work with her – yet you can never seem to get in touch with her in a timely manner – she's clearly not living up to her original promise.

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But before you panic – or fly off the handle and fire her – have a heart-to-heart conversation. Lay out all of your concerns, and see how she responds. After all, until your home sells, she doesn't make any money! real estate outlook: San Antonio's Real Estate Market

And, remember, in a less-than-healthy housing market, it's a realtor's job to get creative. So, those "same ol' same ol'" tactics that may have worked during the housing boom a few years ago (back when people were scooping up homes like wildfire) just aren't good enough anymore. Now that things are much slower, you need to make sure that your realtor is doing things like:

-  Being aggressive

Whether it's marketing your house for sale on every website she can find, or doing whatever she can to make sure your home is the most attractive deal in the neighborhood, a good realtor will know how to be aggressive – without being obnoxious or forcing you to settle for a bad deal.

-  Constantly pulling new data

Since home prices seem to be changing by the week, your realtor can't rely on old data. If she's not willing to access new sales data on a regular basis, you're never going to know what's really going on in your market!

-  Perfecting her photography skills

In today's day and age, it's not good enough just to have a bunch of pictures of your home in the listing. They also have to be good! Buyers aren't going to waste their time visiting a home if they don't have a good idea of what it looks like first – so those blurry, dark photos aren't going to cut it.

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