ISBG Tabs Top Industry Executives to Fill Corporate Positions

Senior Management Group is now tasked with Growing Company Portfolio

May 21, 2015, 09:30 ET from International Spirit and Beverage Group, Inc.

HOUSTON, May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- International Spirit and Beverage Group, Inc., (a Nevada Corporation) (OTCPK:ISBG) is pleased to announce the hiring of Jeff Frieberger, Joel Adams, David Salmon and Jack Cacciato to fill key management positions in the company. This team will be overseeing the day-to-day operations of ISBG, alongside CEO Terry Williams.

The team will focus on expanding ISBG's brands nationwide through their strong industry relationships and proven product development processes.  The ISBG management team, along with its affiliates, are seasoned in all aspects of launching, selling, marketing and distributing alcohol beverage brands and are experts in their respective fields.  The ISBG team was recruited to ensure the longevity and success of each portfolio brand.

Freiberger and Adams, who have been consulting for ISBG, will assume officer roles in the new organizational structure. Freiberger has been appointed Chief Operations Officer while Adams has taken on the role of Executive Vice-President.

"As COO, I will be working closely with our advisory board to craft, implement and communicate the vision of ISBG," Frieberger said. "We have been diligent in our recruiting process to bring in the best of the best. I look forward to working with them to build the company portfolio and increase revenues for many years to come."

Frieberger has extensive experience building relationships in the entertainment industry and in product development and branding. Over the last decade, the new COO has worked with multiple brands utilizing A-list celebrity endorsements to help grow brand awareness and increase sales volume.  In 2012, Frieberger won "Best in Show" with his co-creation, Rhythm, in the Aperitifs and Liqueur Category at the World Spirits Competition. In 2013, as co-founder and Director of Marketing for Big Tent Group, Frieberger focused his resources to bring operational and marketing expertise to beverage brands across the globe.

"Though we may be a new company, we are in no way a startup team," Adams said. "We have been cultivating our approach for quite some time and now we have the right team in place to grow the company and deliver value to all our stakeholders."

After earning his MBA, Adams co-founded RJS, LLC, a distilled spirits supplier, and took on the role of chief executive. In 2009, he formed his consulting firm, Solution Streak, through which Adams and his team provided management and media consulting to startup and early-stage companies as well as to non-profit organizations. In 2013, as co-founder and director of operations for Big Tent Group, Adams returned to the alcohol beverage industry to bring operational and marketing expertise to beverage brands across the globe. As EVP of ISBG, Adams will lead and coordinate the strategic sales, marketing and operational aspects of the business to best facilitate and manage the growth of the ISBG portfolio.

Salmon joins ISBG as the Vice-President of Marketing.  Salmon is a seasoned executive with broad experience in international sales, marketing and brand development.  His experience is global as Salmon played an integral role in the domestic and international management of such well-known brands as Maker's Mark and Hpnotiq Liqueur. Salmon oversaw the development and implementation of the global marketing and sales strategies for both brands, which resulted in both brands far exceeding company goals and expectations.  During his 25-year business career, Salmon has traveled throughout the world helping companies with market selection, new product launches and day to day management of their business. As VP of Marketing, Salmon will oversee and execute brand development and brand management for ISBG's portfolio.

Cacciato will be ISBG's Vice-President of Sales. Cacciato has 30 years of experience in the wine industry, representing wine and spirit import companies, international fine wine producers, and his own entrepreneurial endeavors. Cacciato has worked with and maintains existing relationships with distributors across the US. His resume includes the successful building of sales organizations, developing professional relationships at all tiers of the alcohol beverage industry, growing brands and developing business. As VP of Sales, Cacciato will oversee and execute the sales and distribution process for the ISBG portfolio.

On the financial front, ISBG will continue to contract the services of the Brio Financial Group to manage public accounting, reporting, and financial strategy and analysis. Brio's services will help the ISBG team maintain a high level of transparency.

"We are excited about sharing our progress as we will make many ground-breaking announcements over the coming weeks," said Freiberger. "In addition to disseminating press releases, we will be fully utilizing Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the soon-to-be finished ISBG website to provide updates to our shareholders to keep them informed of our progress. Transparency is extremely important to us as we want our shareholders to be able to see our vision and understand the bright future of this company."

The company website for ISBG is currently under construction but can be viewed at

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