Island-based Video Surveillance Corp. Thwarts Holiday False Alarms

Alarm-integrated cameras instantaneously broadcast crimes to central monitoring stations

Dec 03, 2010, 06:00 ET from Video Surveillance Corp.

NEW YORK, Dec. 3, 2010/PRNewswire/ --As the holiday season is celebrated, many people unknowingly place their homes at risk for burglaries.

"Many families have begun stocking their homes with gifts," said Matthew De Gennaro, vice president of Staten Island, N.Y.-based Video Surveillance Corp. "Criminals know this, and they're aware that many homes are left unattended this time of year as owners spend more time worshipping, shopping, partying, traveling, dining out, and visiting friends and relatives."

Nowadays, many homes and business have burglar alarms, but police departments can't – and won't – respond to every signal, as many turn out to be false alarms.

"Commonly, responders to a home or business alarm have no way of knowing if a break-in has actually taken place," De Gennaro said. "As a result, overwhelmed police departments often lower the priority of such calls, particularly at locations where a false alarm has occurred in the past. This gives thieves a free pass to clean out the contents of a location."

The experts at Video Surveillance Corp. have worked for decades to push false alarms into extinction, while enhancing the protection offered by security systems.

Among other strategies, Video Surveillance Corp. uses wireless security systems by Videofied®. The Videofied technology utilizes video-verified alarms, which stop thieves in their tracks by instantaneously broadcasting crimes to central monitoring stations for verification. The monitoring stations, in turn, alert police.

Unlike traditional alarms, police interpret a video-verified alarm as a crime in progress.

"Video verification is a powerful weapon against burglars. And it's a huge comfort for homeowners and business people who know their alarms will solicit a high priority police response," De Gennaro said.

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