Ismael Cala presents "Be like the Bamboo," his first children's book, illustrated and bilingual

"For our children to be like the bamboo, we must teach them to be kind and strong, but flexible," says this communicator on the contents of his new book.

Feb 02, 2016, 11:25 ET from HarperCollins Espanol

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- From the inspiration of Ismael Cala and based on his bestseller "El secreto del bamboo," HarperCollins Español presents "Be like the bamboo," a beautifully illustrated bilingual book that will allow parents from both sides of the border to spend quality time with their young ones. It deals with a story that will inspire your children to develop several values such as patience, perseverance, determination, independence and generosity.

Illustrated by Yunior Suárez, and through 32 pages, in this book Ismael Cala tells the story of Mommy Panda and Baby Panda, two bears that "look like two very big balls of cotton, with very black stains," who live in a giant bamboo forest. Baby Panda looks very daring when he climbs to the end of the bamboo tree in order to eat its leaves and most tender stalks. Mommy Panda, wise and careful, teaches him through the characteristics of that plant an invaluable lesson for life that parents can also share with their little ones: The bamboo, tall and flexible, needs years to grow roots and strengthen itself in the soil before emerging as the member of the vegetable kingdom that grows at the fastest speed.

The bamboo, highly appreciated in the Far East, not only culturally but also because of its usefulness, teaches us that success in life does not necessarily mean reaching goals and becoming famous. Without strong roots that provide us with values to face adversities, we will never be flexible or strong enough. Baby Panda must learn that in order to be as tall and kind as the bamboo, that allows him to climb up and eat its leaves, he will first have to grow internally.

"For our children to be like the bamboo, we must teach them to be kind and strong, but flexible," Cala says. "Bamboos live in communities but at the same time they act independently, adjust to and overcome difficult times, know how to train themselves for years with patience in order to succeed and be useful all of their lives. Let us help our children be like the bamboo!"

"Be like the bamboo" will develop the joy of reading to our little ones, besides generating conversations on the subject of the important qualities in life. This book is a valuable opportunity to learn a second language or to improve in its fluency, for the whole story appears in every page both in Spanish and English.


Ismael Cala is a communicator, inspirational author, and international speaker on the subjects of leadership and self-improvement. He is the host of "Cala" the CNN's Spanish interview show, an intimate program that goes through the most powerful and relevant characters in the international scenario, from politicians, writers, philosophers, artists and celebrities, to scientists and sports stars.

Cala is regular contributor at "Despierta América" show in Univision Network, he writes a weekly column for more than 50 periodicals in Latin America and the U.S., Cala is also the director of "Cala 3.0," a successful app for iPad, iPhone, Android, and PC; besides being one of the most acclaimed motivational speakers in the Continent.

The author of bestsellers "El secreto del bambú" (2015), "Un buen hijo de P..." (2014), and "El poder de escuchar" (2013), Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba (1969) and received a Bachelor's degree in History of Art from the Universidad de Oriente. He graduated with honors at the School of Communication in the University of York, in Toronto, and received a Seneca Diploma in TV Production.

SOURCE HarperCollins Espanol