ISS Expands Worldwide Container Recognition and LPR Deployments

Exceptional Intelligence and Pinpoint Accuracy of Images Cited as Reasons for Adoption by Ports in Brazil, Chile, Russia, and South Africa

Oct 20, 2010, 10:00 ET from Intelligent Security Systems

WOODBRIDGE, N.J., Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Intelligent Security Systems (ISS), a leader in video management and image analytic software, announced today that it has expanded its worldwide SecurOS Container Recognition and SecurOS LPR deployments with new shipping port customers in Brazil, Chile, Russia, and South Africa.  Customers in all four countries cited the exceptional intelligence and pinpoint accuracy of images of these solutions as the main reasons for choosing ISS.  

"In the post 9/11 world, port security has become a paramount issue worldwide," said Wolfgang Ritter, Director of Sales and Marketing for ISS.  "But beyond terrorism concerns, there are also the day to day challenges that involve the problems of loss prevention and freight tracking, causing the need for automated recording of when cargo arrives and departs, and easy access across the enterprise to video footage related to that."

ISS has its roots in space technology, which has led to the development of software with highly advanced algorithms.  This in turn makes possible a level of intelligence, flexibility and accuracy for video management and analytics that previously was only available for government and military applications.  For SecurOS Container Recognition, this translates into the ability to easily read the sides, back and top of containers, and for both SecurOS Container Recognition and SecurOS LPR to be able to read identifying information vertically as well as horizontally, and in the most challenging of weather conditions.  

"With SecurOS LPR and SecurOS Container Recognition solutions now in place, we address both our theft concerns as well as our need to automate certain security procedures, such as delivery and departure times of cargo, and when necessary security alerts can be sent to relevant personnel," said Mark Holbrook, Managing Director of Southern Africa Transport Investments (SATI) Container Services, which is affiliated with Maersk.  "Our operations are now more secure and more efficient.  In addition, because of the superior nature of the images and overall intelligence of the software, these are not just forensic tools but solutions that can actually help prevent theft."  He concluded, "We look forward to expanding these deployments beyond Durban to other key container locales throughout South Africa."

Similar issues of inside theft and the need for more automated security procedures impacted on the Brazilian port of Itajai, and have been successfully addressed by SecurOS Container Recognition and SecurOS LPR solutions from ISS.  Itajai is the second largest port in Brazil. Client and administrative workstations allow personnel in Itajai with various levels of privileges to monitor and maintain the system. Integration of the container and license plate recognition system with legacy security management databases allow for complete interoperability.  

ISS also has established deployments in the Brazilian ports of Natal, Recife, Maceio, and Vitoria.  Other international port deployments include Chile (the ports of Iquique and San Antonio), and Russia (port of Vladivostok in Siberia).

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