IT market in Ukraine 2013

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IT market in Ukraine 2013

This report investigates distribution and retail on the IT market in Ukraine; forecasts development 2013-2018.

Find out which changes are coming to the market and how they will affect your business and that of the competition by consulting PMR's comprehensive and updated market resource, IT market in Ukraine 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2018. This all-inclusive document describes conditions in the hardware, software and services and distribution segments of the market and furnishes details on topics like software exports and retail sales and distribution of top-selling portable devices as well as mobile applications and games.

This report provides unique information obtained during the course of extensive interviews with experienced market operatives in the hardware and software development and distribution industries. It predicts upcoming growth opportunities and the effects of trends and macroeconomic changes on market growth to 2018. It provides all the essential data on market value and growth prospects, suitable for use in preparing corporate reports and independent analyses, and explores the competition via detailed profiles of 30 leaders in the various segments of the Ukrainian IT market. A compendium of 100 top IT players in this market sorts companies by segment and level of revenue. Also provided: list of 40 major hardware and software manufacturers and distributors and list of 40 leading IT services providers

New developments in the market are examined, such as recent public administration projects, employment and wage conditions and changes in the IT distribution channels . Accurate and precise forecasts reveal likely scenarios for products such as portable computers, software development service exports and expanding retail and distribution opportunities around the country. This innovative report answers reader questions about the market's current conditions, areas of the market attracting the attention of investors, and much more.

IT service vendors, hardware manufacturers, software developers and networking specialists will find this publication particularly valuable as they enter the Ukrainian IT market, expand operations, evaluate competition, seek out partners for merger and acquisition ventures and investment. It is also the smart choice for researchers and analysts, consultants and financial service providers, and academic and governmental institutions whose work requires an accurate and comprehensive understanding of current conditions and the future potential of the IT market in Ukraine.
Brief description:

This publication furnishes data and analysis of the Ukrainian IT sector from multiple viewpoints. It explores the overall market and then presents studies of its hardware, software, services and IT distribution segments, with descriptions of current conditions and a view to the future supplied by detailed development forecasts for the next five years.

The report also offers a view of the market's current status and future potential from the perspective of software developers, companies that serve the IT needs of the Ukrainian public and key integrators and IT distributors working in Ukraine. Interviews conducted by PMR analysts form the basis of this vendor-oriented outlook.

Additional key IT topics include: the influence of trends on market conditions, M&A and investment activity, software development and export possibilities in the marketplace, current situation and key trends on the games and mobile applications market, current situation and key trends on the games and mobile applications market.

Informational highlights of this document include:

• Data describing the value, volume and growth potential of the hardware, software and IT services segments of the market
• Expert analysis and commentary on market conditions in each segment, along with predictions for 2013-2018
• The top 100 IT companies in Ukraine, listed by market segment and level of revenue
• Retail and IT distribution market breakdown and analysis
• Evaluation of the Ukrainian legal and regulatory background and its influence on growth
• Recent and upcoming M&A activity in each segment
• Discussion of present IT wages in the market with an outlook to the future
• Meticulously detailed profiles of market leaders in Ukrainian IT, with listings interspersed throughout the report.

Added features – new to this edition, include:

• Additional coverage of the Ukrainian hardware and software distribution and retail sectors
• Portable computer distributor lists as authorized by top companies and brands: Acer, Asus, Apple, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Sony, Samsung and Toshiba.

Keep up with new developments in the Ukrainian IT market.

Improving IT services sales and in particular IT outsourcing and support growth as well as projects in the public sector have recently driven the development of Ukrainian IT. Hardware remains portable device-oriented, with recent strong sales of tablets and e-books. Software development services are the chief Ukrainian export, based upon demand from the United States and Western European clients. In 2012, this segments exported $1.3bn worth of services, equal to one half of domestic output.

This publication contains the answers to key questions about the market.

• What is the current status of Ukraine's IT market?
• What are the forecast growth rates for the market and its segments?
• Which hardware products have posted the highest sales recently? Which are forecast to surge?
• What sectors of the market are attracting the highest levels of investment?
• Which segments are generating the highest levels of sales?
• What are the newsworthy M&A opportunities in Ukrainian IT?

Multiple benefits of this publication include:

• Corporate profiles of 30+ IT leaders in the Ukrainian market categorized by segment
• Listing of 100 active IT companies ranked by segment and revenue generated
• List of 40 major hardware and software manufacturers and distributors
• List of 40 leading IT services providers
• Compilation of data, analysis and forecasts for all main segments of Ukrainian IT in one easy to reference document
• Forward looking analysis of trends and events and their roles in market development in the years to come
• Possible market development scenarios of particular market segments based on macroeconomic conditions and opinions of major vendors
• Forecasts for development of the Ukrainian IT market that include the newest data and expert interpretation.

The information delivered by this report can be used to:

• Set up new operations in any segment of Ukrainian IT
• Complete merger and acquisition activity in this market
• Compare Ukraine's IT market with those of other countries
• Set benchmarks and compare corporate results of Ukraine's major IT players
• Locate appropriate prospects for investment
• Keep track of market conditions, events and trends
• Prepare market reports for management and shareholder use
• Evaluate market segments and assess growth and earnings possibilities
• Build a solid strategy for corporate expansion.

Types of businesses that will benefit most from this document include:

• Companies engaged in the manufacture and distribution of hardware products
• Vendors of IT services and software developers
• Companies that support the Ukrainian IT market with products and services
• Networking hardware vendors and telecoms providers interested in launching activities in Ukrainian IT
• Financial and investment services providers
• Government and educational institutions
• Research and consulting services providers
• Organisations engaged in the promotion of the IT sector through trade, commerce and industry activities.

I. Methodology 9
II. Executive summary 13
III. Economic and demographic situation 19
IV. Overview of the IT market in Ukraine 25
V. IT hardware market 41
VI. IT services market 75
VII. Software market 103
VIII. List of graphs 127
IX. List of tables 131
X. About PMR 133

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