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IESHIA, the fresh young female artist taking Oklahoma City by storm, is dominating the air waves across Urban, Rhythmic, and Top 40 charts in the Top 200 National Billboard. She is the first recording artist in her genre to blaze three chart topping areas with not one song, but two in the Oklahoma City market.

Aug 17, 2015, 13:52 ET from IT Music Group

OKLAHOMA CITY, Aug. 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- IESHIA, the fresh young female artist taking Oklahoma City by storm, is dominating the air waves across Urban, Rhythmic, and Top 40 charts in the Top 200 National Billboard. She is the first recording artist in her genre to blaze three chart topping areas with not one song, but two in the Oklahoma City market. The local radio stations, concert promoters and businesses are taking great notice as door after door opens wide to receive the young thought provoking artist.

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"I can't say how amazing it is to be received in such an overwhelming way. I never expected this response, I just work hard and do my best. I love it and I am so thankful," says IESHIA, referencing her humble beginnings. "In the beginning, we were just working hard to serve a cause that was bigger than us in the best way we knew how. Music has always been a big part of who I am and it motivates me… so of course, I volunteered to sing for a great cause."

What started as an idea to help her family serve the homeless population blossomed into a plan and purpose for IESHIA. "I want to create a safe haven for people transitioning out of homeless shelters. I want each person to be able to move into an apartment they can call home as they gradually move back into a place of self-sufficiency. My dream is to create a 60-apartment complex that will serve the recently restored population in Oklahoma City and I know it's possible," says the young artist.

"IESHIA isn't the normal artist you find looking to make it rich and get famous," her father and manager, Anthony Thomas says. "In fact, she isn't a normal young adult either. She is completely self-less and I think that is why so many entities gravitate to her. She is very humble and very intelligent. I know that even if I am not around, she is going to make the right choice… the moral choice, and that is a great feeling to have."

IESHIA has a chart-topping collaborative work with none other than Snoop Dogg entitled 'JAM' that is gaining momentum. Downloads of the song from iTunes and Google Play will help build the apartment complex she is dreaming for.

"I am determined to be a positive influence for young ladies everywhere. I have a standard regarding my lyrics, dress and attitude that I refuse to compromise. I can only imagine it helps but regardless, I will stand unwaveringly behind my beliefs," IESHIA says firmly.

In a media market where "Trap" Music is growing in popularity and R & B is a dying genre, IESHIA's fresh style and unique approach makes her shine like a diamond in the rough. With endorsements from some of the industry's top DJs, including DJ Carisma, who named IESHIA "California Pick of the Week" and national spin play she is receiving from the BakaBoyz, professionals like Mack McKinney (who has produced hits for the likes of Ne-Yo and other top artists) are happy to work with the young artist. Even Kevin Lewis, President of VirdiKO, is servicing her record to DJs across the US.

Tony Neal of "Core DJ's" allowed IESHIA to perform both of her hits 'JAM' and 'Drop It Down' at CORE 24 in Atlanta this summer. After her performance, Tony excitedly approached IESHIA and told her that her performance was more than he expected, that he was blown away and advised her to continue to keep performing and writing music. He further stated that in 1992 he met a young lady that performed in Detroit who after her performance was down on herself and disappointed. But he insisted that she should not be and to keep striving. He assured her she would go very far. 8 years later the young lady died in a plane crash. He only told two women they were amazing after a performance; the first was the young lady in the crash, Aaliyah, and the other was IESHIA. He then stated that IESHIA reminded him greatly of Aaliyah.

"At the beginning and end of the day, I am a philanthropist. It is what wakes me up and puts me to sleep. I grew up in a household that embraces love for all people. My parents have always imparted love without judgement and I want to continue the legacy they started in a much bigger way. My career is about more than an image or success, it is about giving back and loving others. At the beginning and end of each day, it's all I care about," says IESHIA.

Her talent is just as amazing as her attitude because she is the number one sought out opening act for trending performances in Oklahoma City. Her career has allowed her to open for great artists like T-Pain, Kid Ink, Omarion and more across the country; this serves as great testimony to her work ethic, stage performance and commanding voice.

IESHIA is currently performing in public schools across the state helping to celebrate the return of the school year and hopes to do so across the nation. It looks as though she may very well get that chance and soon, as a large local non-profit with a brand new app for teens considers making her the face of their promotional campaign. The app focuses on the angle of teens helping teens fight the plight of teen homelessness and the everyday problems they face finding food, shelter, medical care and more.

Local businesses have taken notice as well. Many are looking to IESHIA to provide endorsements, model products and perform at their events. It is an exciting time of exponential growth and opportunity for the young pop artist.

IESHIA would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the DJs and radio stations across the nation playing her music and her fans who continue to request it. If you haven't had the opportunity to request it please reach out to your radio station and request IESHIA's 'JAM' or 'Drop It Down'.

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