IT4 Builds Stronger Client Relationships Through Zenith Infotech Managed Services

Jan 28, 2010, 12:21 ET from Zenith Infotech

WARRENDALE, Pa., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Founded in 1989, and based in Woburn, MA, IT4 strives to be something more – much more – to clients than a simple seller of IT solutions and managed services. "Our entire focus is to form a strategic partnership with the customer," says IT4 President Brett Jaffe. And success, he explains, "comes down to process and client interaction."


Instead of itemizing every service, IT4 offers IT services at a monthly fee, and rather than a typical vendor relationship, those customers enjoy the benefits of bringing technology savvy into their organizations. "We become basically a member of their management teams," Jaffe observes, making budget recommendations, reviewing and analyzing IT needs and acting as a liaison to other IT service providers in instances where IT4 isn't in a position to deliver a solution itself.

"Everything we do is designed to make us more 'sticky' with the client," Jaffe says, "and it's all based on doing whatever the client needs. Our value is in filling those needs. We're not a 'one-service-fits-all' business."

Assuming such an active and integral role in client operations would be a tall order even when an IT solution provider targeted only specific vertical markets.  By contrast, IT4's 15 full-time employees (including five service technicians) "ideally focuses on the entire SMB market." That doesn't leave any room for inefficient or non profitable activities. Fortunately, IT4 can rely on a broad array of Zenith Infotech solution offerings to help accomplish the mission.

"Zenith Infotech provides tools that let us take the mundane tasks off our plate and allows us to focus on the strategic relationships with our clients," Jaffe says. A partner for more than four years, IT4 offers clients Zenith Infotech backup and disaster recovery solution as well as the Total Desk Top Care Plus and Server Care services, including technical support and monitoring from Zenith Infotech's network operations center (NOC). The result, Jaffe points out, is that he has been able to grow his business without adding staff. "Using Zenith's services and platform, you can really scale your business very quickly," he notes.

"It's difficult for entrepreneurs to give up control over many aspects of their business, but sometimes retaining too much control can restrict growth," said Maurice Saluan, vice president of channel management for Zenith Infotech. "When the cost to serve customers' day-to-day demands becomes so great you can't anticipate their needs before they do, then you start to take on a tactical, not strategic, role, which diminishes your overall value. Developing partnerships that help them to focus on the big-picture can produce powerful results not only for their customers, but for them as well."

IT4 also takes advantage of Zenith Infotech's new Intelli-Monitoring service that not only remotely identifies  potential problems in a customer's IT network but also provides details to enable the managed service provider to prioritize and gauge the most appropriate.

"What Intelli-Monitoring has done is add a much more granular approach to support," Jaffe says. He estimates that Zenith Infotech resolves about 90 percent of identified issues automatically. "You only have to get involved when something really needs your attention. With the few staff we have, we're still able to provide 24/7 support."

Jaffe sees Intelli-monitoring as fitting nicely within Zenith Infotech's "focus on the partner being able to leverage the latest technology to provide the best service for clients and be profitable while doing so."

"Everything they do, has been to extend the relationship between solution providers and their customers," Jaffe says. Likewise Jaffe fully expects the relationship between IT4 and Zenith Infotech to continue for some time to come.  "I like that Zenith is constantly innovating and looking at the future in their product line. They are looking at concerns that we may not even have thought of yet."

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