Italian Program Takes New Approach to Achieve Language Fluency

Jan 20, 2016, 07:30 ET from Linguistica 360

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Language learning has come a long way from classroom rote and flashcards, and Linguistica 360 keeps pushing that envelope even further.

Today, the makers of the News in Slow Italian series -- which includes Start with News in Slow Italian and Engage with News in Slow Italian programs -- launched a new weekly show for advanced learners: Think with News in Slow Italian.

With the three programs together, students have the unique opportunity to move from the beginner level through the intermediate and advanced levels of language learning, the goal being to achieve fluency in Italian.

Unlike their previous offerings, in which students listen in on a light-hearted conversation in Italian, Think with News in Slow Italian features a single speaker who presents a more provocative or controversial topic and offers his or her own opinion.

When users visit, three programs appear at the top of the screen: Start with News in Slow Italian (Beginners) takes students through Italian for Beginners Language Theatre, a one-on-one lesson between a teacher and student. Engage with News in Slow Italian (Intermediate), is a weekly program in which two native speakers discuss world events. Think with News in Slow Italian (Advanced) is the new weekly series.

Each episode of Think with News in Slow Italian begins with a short introduction about the topics chosen by one of the two bi-weekly hosts, both native Italian speakers. The host then discusses the chosen topics, presenting them with a certain angle and offering his own opinions. Some of the topics include the refugee crisis, European and American gun control policies and Vatileaks: the secrets of the Vatican.

Like the other programs, Think with News in Slow Italian is accompanied by a transcript featuring English translations of selected words. To listen to the demo episode of Think with News in Slow Italian, visit and click on the "Advanced" tab.

News in Slow Italian is produced by Linguistica 360, makers of News in Slow Spanish,News in Slow Latin Spanish and News in Slow French. The "News in Slow" series are weekly language learning shows with discussions of current events -- read at a pace to aid listening comprehension. The hosts are native speakers. Listeners can choose to hear the language learning podcast spoken more slowly, or speed it up, depending on their comfort level.

SOURCE Linguistica 360