iVisage Media Interviews NuEarth New Marketing Team

Oct 28, 2010, 08:30 ET from NuEarth Corporation

MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- NuEarth Corporation (Pink Sheets: NUEC) ("NuEarth"), a US based manufacturer and marketer of "Clean & Green" products and technology, announced today that the new NuEarth marketing team Peterson; Coffin; and Silverman has completed an interview on the Company's focus and future with iVisage Media Inc.  The team will focus on new product development, increasing the marketing of TerraSolv laboratory services and product manufacturing as NuEarth Corporation launches its revolutionary AquaSolv and AB Tech Cleaners and Strippers in the US Market.

Mr. Marc Peterson, joined the team as Vice-President of Business Development; Ms. Sara Coffin, joined the team as Vice-President of Marketing and Brand Development; and Ms. Yeshiva Silverman, joined the team as distributor and sales development manager.

1. Please give us an overview of NuEarth Corporation, what you do, and your target markets? 

Coffin: "NuEarth has developed and manufactures three main product lines.  NuSoil-a unique organic fertilizer with a salt blocking additive; AquaSolv-a completely biodegradable and unique family of PAM's; and our new environmentally safe AB Tech biodegradable cleaners and paint stripers.

Our AquaSolv and AB Tech product lines are our main target to launch our Company in the US markets - NuEarth will be making substantial announcements with regard to market penetration with growth in the retail distribution markets for our products.  I would expect our product sales and market growth to exceed our current TerraSolv revenue over the next 18 months."

2. In your opinions, what are the 3 main reasons why investors should invest in NuEarth for the long term?

Peterson: "Our products, potential, and growth plan.  Our products are 100% biodegradable, fully environmentally safe and superior to what is currently on the market.  Our potential market for our three-product group's represent more than $980 billion.  A small market penetration will yield large financial returns for the company.  Our growth plans put a premium on rapid expansion using external distribution partners to limit the financial burden on the Company."

3. Is the Company's current capitalization adequate to achieve its strategic objectives through the next 12 months?

Coffin: "We are financially sound with our strong TerraSolv laboratory service division that was recently relocated to the USA, and very well supported by our largest shareholder the Avalon Group Ltd.  The Company has a very aggressive growth strategy that our new marketing and sales team have been tasked to implement and we our focused on developing the needed structure to be successful."

4. What are the Company milestones over the next 18 months we should watch for?

Peterson: "We are growing fast, and the milestones set by the Company are strategic in scope.  We have completed the first and second major milestones – 1) the relocation of our TerraSolv laboratory service division to the USA; 2) the expansion of our marketing and sales staff.

The development of a US based manufacturing facility; and finally the development and launch of a retail market for our products still remain to be completed."

5. Tell us about the Company's management team.

Peterson: "The science team has more than 90 years of research and development experience in organic chemistry and computer modeling for the agricultural and environmental industries.  We have 9 PhD's on staff with our TerraSolv laboratory service division and we are continually researching difference uses and industries that our products can make a difference.  

We have recently added a powerful marketing team to expand the Company beyond its scientific expertise. I joined the team as Vice-President of Business Development; Ms. Sara Coffin, joined the team as Vice-President of Marketing and Brand Development; and Ms. Yeshiva Silverman, joined the team as distributor and sales development manager."

6. Do you have any additional closing comments for potential investors?

Coffin: "I have been with the Company for about 90 days and I am thrilled with the progress we are making.  We have finalized the relocation of our TerraSolv laboratory service division from Italy to the USA.  Although this relocation came down to the wire, we were successful in getting the laboratory certified and up and running.  This three-month task has really brought the staff closer together and has developed a very strong team and bonding event.

I have joined NuEarth at an exciting time in it's development. The products and technology have the potential to revolutionize the water retention, dust control and drilling markets.  Our new AB Tech cleaners and paint strippers will bring a "Clean & Green" technology that will replace more hazardous solutions in various cleaning product applications.  The future is very exciting for our Company and I'm proud to be associated with NuEarth.

Our products and team are positioned to take advantage of the move toward environmentally sensitive products worldwide.  The target markets are dominated by smaller, under capitalized competitors – while NuEarth has developed superior products and is financially stronger and very well supported.  These facts should allow us to gain market share and ultimately dominate these niche markets."

7. Does the Company have a website where investors can get more information?

Peterson: "www.nuearthcorp.com"

Investor relation contact:

c/o:  Alfon Rosalini



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