Ivory Consulting Releases Equipment Finance Portfolio Analysis Tool for Time-Saving, Detailed Business Reporting

Jun 16, 2010, 18:01 ET from Ivory Consulting

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., June 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Ivory Consulting (http://www.ivorycc.com) has announced the release of Portfolio, a new equipment financing business tool that enables fast portfolio analysis and reporting.  Portfolio is so fast, in fact, that some bank leasing and finance executives who were testing the new software during its final stages of development say they expect to trim weeks or even months in time spent on analysis and reporting activity.

Strong demand from the equipment leasing and finance industry for richer and more granular business intelligence led to the development of Portfolio, a robust technology solution that enables analysis, forecasting, risk management, and portfolio reporting from any PC or laptop. It was designed to integrate with commonly used business software and is specifically tailored to current industry requirements, according to Joseph Moore, Ivory's director of sales and marketing.

"Portfolio includes easy drill-down menus that provide detailed analysis, yield comparisons, cash flows, and 'what if' scenarios," Moore said.  "It can point to weak-performing areas, risk factors, or areas for business expansion. It also enables users to efficiently capture a comprehensive view of an organization's cash, tax, and accounting position, or a narrower picture of one category or geographic region."

"The deep data mining now possible can be used for business forecasting, risk management and buy-sell considerations." he added.  "Companies that are poised to buy or sell a portfolio or even just one small part of a portfolio can more accurately price the portfolio and more accurately perform due diligence.

Executives from banks and captive finance companies, as well as industry consultants, have tested Portfolio and provided valuable input that helped in developing this first release, which is now available for purchase, Moore said. To receive a brochure, product demonstration, pricing, or further information, contact him at 925-926-1100 ext 108.

A brochure can be downloaded from http://www.ivorycc.com/products/portfolio.  

Since 1983, Ivory Consulting has exclusively served the world's equipment lessors and has partnered with leading technology providers to deliver pricing and portfolio solutions that integrate well and meet current and anticipated needs of the equipment leasing and finance industry. Ivory is already working on future versions of Portfolio that will provide more statistical analysis and even more sophisticated outcome modeling.

SOURCE Ivory Consulting