J3Personica and Hogan Assessments Work to Improve Mentor-Protégé Relationships in Surgical Training

Mar 10, 2016, 15:01 ET from Hogan Assessments

EATONTOWN, N.J., March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- As mentorship in surgical training continues to become more popular in healthcare, placing a greater emphasis on improving the mentor-protégé relationships has never been so important. As a result, some health systems are turning to personality assessments to better identify the right fit for these relationships.

In a recent article published in CORR Curriculum by Boston Medical Center's Dr. Paul Tornetta III and Dr. Yelena Bogdan of New York's Hospital for Special Surgery, the advantages of administering personality assessments to improve mentoring relationships has received very positive results in the early stages. It has been so successful that the assessments, powered by Hogan Assessments and administered by J3Personica and Residency Select Founder & CEO Alan Friedman, are now part of Boston Medical Center's application process for the Department of Othopaedic Surgery.

"While personality assessments are quite common for selection and development in the business world, they have not been widely adopted in the medical community," says Dr. Tornetta. "What we've seen through the first year of using Hogan's assessments is an extremely positive response. With this tool, we're not only able to identify the strengths of our residents, but also those traits that worsen under times of stress. Having such insight is so valuable for all parties involved."

Through Residency Select's process, mentors can be alerted to potential differences in personality characteristics, making it easier to prevent those traits from becoming issues in the future. Also, a mentor with similar issues is better equipped to help his or her protégé overcome those issues should they surface.

"Our goal all along was to leverage what we know about personality, and use that knowledge to predict future resident performance," says Friedman. "By arming mentors with that same information, a mentor-protégé relationship has better odds at being successful, which can ultimately improve a patient's wellbeing or even save lives."

By using personality assessments in the healthcare system, Residency Select has been able to enhance mentoring relationships by identifying the right fit in these crucial pairings.

"In surgical training, mentorship is vital to success," says Dr. Bogdan. "While exploring ways to improve the mentor-protégé relationship, we were curious if personality assessment could help. What we have learned through the use of the Hogan's assessments was that looking at overall personality tendencies can alert the mentor to potential personality differences that may disrupt the relationship, which benefits all parties."

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