J.A. Happ Injury Spurs Debate Again On Protective HeadGear for Pitchers

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SportsGuard Launched Innovative HeadGuard In The Spring of 2011 for Youth Baseball Players

SportsGuard Introduced New Category of Head Protection Products for Baseball Pitchers and Fielders

May 09, 2013, 18:30 ET from SportsGuard

EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J., May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SPORTSGUARD, LLC, a leading manufacturer of youth sports protection products, today announced again the public availability of HeadGuard™, the most practical head protection product created for baseball pitchers and fielders.  Designed to discretely fit inside a baseball cap, the HeadGuard™ protects the player when fielding as well as with collisions. The HeadGuard is the only safety product of its kind currently available nationwide, created specifically for youth baseball players.

After speaking with representatives of MLB regarding protection for MLB pitchers, SportsGuard is developing the "HeadGuard Pro" to address the needs of professional pitchers that will incorporate new patent pending technology never before used in the industry.

The HeadGuard is the product of over four years of research and development. HeadGuard's patented design and unique shock-absorbing material reduces the force of impact of a baseball striking a player's head. It is easily inserted into the interior sweatband of a baseball cap, which holds it in place, while also taking advantage of the cap's existing holes for ventilation. Weighing less than two ounces, it is extremely lightweight, breathable, moisture resistant, latex-free, soft, and comfortable for players of all ages.

"Over the past few years, there have been some well publicized head injuries in youth sports – which can be found in the press and all over YouTube, sounding the alarm for parents, coaches, and league organizers. So we are excited to be ushering in a new concept in practical and effective safety equipment for youth baseball," said Michael S. Green, CEO of SportsGuard. "Until this type of pitcher and fielder protective equipment becomes mandatory, we felt strongly that its design needed to foster widescale player adoption – which factored a great deal into the smart-fitting design of SportsGuard's HeadGuard."

While others have prototypes that sit on the exterior of the pitcher's baseball cap, SportsGuard has purposely taken a different approach with the design of HeadGuard as a protective insert to be discretely secured beneath any baseball cap. While developing the HeadGuard, SportsGuard took special care to address the major design issues of comfort, ventilation, weight and appearance, as well as performance issues such as how the product would affect pitcher balance, pitcher peripheral vision, pitcher cap readjustment, and movement of the baseball cap while fielding.  While HeadGuard was originally conceived for baseball, adults and children alike have used the insert for extra protection while playing softball, paintball, and other sports.

SportsGuard's "Triple Play"

SportsGuard launched HeadGuard in the Spring of 2011, alongside two other baseball player protection products, offering a "triple play" for improving youth sports safety and performance:

SportsGuard's StealthGuard™ heart protector attaches with Velcro Fabric Fusion™ patches to any shirt transforming it into a comfortable heart shield.  Each StealthGuard comes with application material for two shirts, so a single product offers the advantage of being used on a short sleeve and long sleeve shirt for year-round protection. 

SportsGuard's XGrip™ is a cushioned grip with a unique tread and pod-design that extinguishes the sting from aluminum, wood and composite bats – especially in cold weather.  It helps batters get through the Zone quickly and with confidence.

Videos and pictures of SportsGuard's "triple play" products may be viewed and purchased on its website www.sportsguardinc.com.

About SportsGuard

SportsGuard started in November 2007 out of the concern parents and coaches expressed for the safety of youth baseball players.  As some towns and baseball leagues began to mandate the use of heart guards, the founders of SportsGuard recognized a need that current products were not meeting -- effective protection for non-helmeted players pitching and fielding.  SportsGuard founders drew upon their expertise in biophysics and engineering to design HeadGuard™, a smart-fitting product that provides discrete and effective head protection.  Located in central New Jersey, just a few miles from Rutgers University, SportsGuard also offers other breakthrough sports protection products, including the StealthGuard™ heart protector and the XGrip™ cushioned bat grip. SportsGuard products are "available at Ripken Baseball" facilities in Aberdeen, Maryland and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina as well as on SportsGuard's website www.sportsguardinc.com.  Discounts are also available for Teams, Leagues, and Tournament Fundraising. 

A portion of each SportsGuard product sale benefits Eden Autism Services, a national center of excellence serving children and adults with autism, headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey.  www.edenautismservices.org.

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