Jackpotjoy's Campaign Launch is Coming!

Sep 06, 2010, 11:31 ET from Gamesys

LONDON, Sept. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- 2010 will be remembered as a year that heralded a new era for people who like to play online Bingo. After 8 years marketing almost exclusively online, Jackpotjoy, the nation's most visited Bingo site, are taking their campaign into homes across the country next Friday night!

"It's obviously very exciting," explains Adele Lawton, head of Jackpotjoy, "but I think we all felt that the time was right, the product was right and the campaign was spot on."

Despite a major re-launch in March, Jackpotjoy have proudly retained their mantle as the country's most visited Bingo site between January and June this year.*

Adele's very clear on the importance of securing the launch before the campaign began. "We all agreed that it was imperative that we entered the mainstream with a product that was second to none and the last six months have allowed us time to add polish the new site.

"Now that the new system has found its feet – and we're still ahead of the pack according to Experian – we decided it was time to begin the TV campaign, put the icing on the cake, so to speak – though it's worth saying that this is some pretty impressive icing!"

In this day and age, it's no surprise that Jackpotjoy have secured a major name to front the campaign, though they're remaining tantalisingly tight lipped as to who it might be.

"I can't reveal the identity," Adele grins, "but I will tell you these two very important things:

"The first is that she (which is also, strictly speaking, a clue) is a true legend of British comedy. I can't say how much of an honour it was working with her. She's someone I've always admired and I can imagine I'll be telling my grandchildren about the day I saw her step into the role!

"Which leads me nicely into the other thing which I think is important. You see we've not just stuck a celebrity in front of a camera and told her to endorse Jackpotjoy, it's not as simple as that. She's got a proper role, and a whole world to play with.

"She's got an INCREDIBLE dress – designed by the people behind Lady Gaga – she's got some well oiled Flunkies, a gorgeous sidekick who sits on a star and a fantastically comic mascot with an enormous moustache.

"This really will be a campaign that everyone's going to be talking about. But it's also a campaign that's developmental and very much here to stay."

Almost sensing that her enthusiasm could put her in danger of revealing too much, Adele sits back with a wily grin and reminds us to watch out for the ad this Friday night, on ITV1.

Personally, we can't wait. Roll on Friday!

* according to Experian Hitwise – most visits to a Bingo site January to June 2010.


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