Japan's Revolutionary Binoculars "KabukiGlasses" to Debut in Italy

- New Product Features "Auto Focus/Hands-Free, Stable View, Ultra Bright Lens and No Eyelash Touch" to Debut from "Mitsukoshi Italia" on May 23 -

May 21, 2015, 02:50 ET from SANTEPLUS, Inc., Mitsukoshi Italia S.p.A.

KOBE, Japan, May 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SANTEPLUS, Inc. will launch its acclaimed binoculars "KabukiGlasses" in Italy on May 23 at Mitsukoshi Italia. KabukiGlasses will be available from "Mitsukoshi Italia," a branch of Mitsukoshi, the most prestigious department store chain in Japan. "Customers can try on the KabukiGlasses in our store! We are so excited to be an official distributor of KabukiGlasses and we are sure that KabukiGlasses will satisfy theater fans and sports fans in Italy!"

Mitsukoshi Italia has been in operation in Rome since 1975, and the store is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year.

(Photo: http://prw.kyodonews.jp/opn/release/201505210385/)

It is not "Opera Glasses" but "KabukiGlasses." The ideal binoculars have been invented by a theater lover and Japan's craftsmen. KabukiGlasses made a sensational debut in Japan in 2013, drawing a lot of media attention and changing the concept of binoculars. It soon attracted a lot of theater fans and sports fans in Japan.

Innovative Functions:

  • Hands-Free/No Eyelash touch promises stable view
  • Auto Focus means no need to adjust focus any more
  • Ultra bright lens ensure clear view and high resolution

With these various functions, people feel like their seat is upgraded. A 300 euro investment in KabukiGlasses enables people to save money through the "upgrading seat" feel every time. KabukiGlasses will certainly be a great companion to theater fans and sports fans in Italy.

Naoaki Sakata, MBA, Inventor and CEO of SANTEPLUS, Inc., said: "I fell in love with ballet and opera while living in Russia in 1996-1997. The closer to the stage, the more I was moved. Binoculars were a must item for theaters but I never got satisfied with any binoculars I tried on. I knew exactly what I wanted for binoculars. The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami changed my way of thinking. Nobody knows what's going to happen in life. I soon started developing my ideal binoculars! It took two years for me to develop it with support from various craftsmen in Japan. As the product is purely made in Japan, I named it 'KabukiGlasses.'"

KabukiGlasses are used for "rental service" by various theaters in Japan, including Meijiza, one of the oldest and most popular theaters in Tokyo, and New National Theatre Tokyo, famous for its opera and ballet programs. KabukiGlasses are even used by scouts of sports teams. The product has even been shipped to New York Metropolitan Opera Shop.

Website: http://www.kabukiglasses.com/it/

YouTube "KabukiGlasses vs Typical Binoculars": https://youtu.be/dlm_97gVlcw


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