Jaspersoft 4.2 Delivers Industry's Most Flexible Mobile BI Offering

New BI suite combines industry's first open source iOS SDK for embedding BI in native mobile applications with mobile browser support to extend any BI project

Sep 27, 2011, 07:00 ET from Jaspersoft Corporation

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Jaspersoft, maker of the world's most widely used business intelligence (BI) software, today released Jaspersoft Business Intelligence Suite 4.2 featuring mobile BI capabilities designed to make applications easier to build for developers and easier to use for executives and managers on the move. Jaspersoft 4.2 uniquely delivers the industry's first open source mobile BI iOS software development kit (SDK) for embedding BI in native mobile applications as well as for building native mobile BI applications. Jaspersoft 4.2 also includes a full-featured, touch-screen BI environment accessible through a mobile browser for rapid deployment.

The use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets is exploding in the workplace.  This trend has put pressure on IT and enterprise software providers to fast-track mobile access to operational applications. The always-on nature of these mobile devices can dramatically improve decision-making through highly accessible reports and dashboards. With Jaspersoft 4.2, IT and application developers can choose how to enable mobile-powered decision-making for business executives and field personnel. The new mobile BI SDK can be used for building native mobile BI applications or for embedding BI into native iOS apps. Also, IT groups can leverage the touchscreen mobile browser to extend traditional BI applications onto the iOS-based iPad tablet. Jaspersoft 4.2 gives IT organizations and application providers the flexibility to determine their mobile BI strategy.

Brian Gentile, CEO of Jaspersoft said, "Jaspersoft is giving BI Builders more freedom to choose the right mobile BI environment for their business-critical information. We know the workforce wants an elegant, easy-to-use BI interface, but mobile BI is rarely a one-size-fits-all solution.  Organizations have different requirements for mobile BI, so we built a toolkit for embedded solutions and we're delivering an elegant browser-based answer for traditional IT-based solutions. Jaspersoft's new open source mobile SDK for iOS developers is a first.  The mobile development environment provides new APIs and client tools for building native mobile BI applications. So, Jaspersoft's mobile solution offers an environment for application developers and BI professionals, allowing organizations to maximize the advantages offered by their data."

Jason Heckman, Director of Application Development at Revol Wireless said, "Jaspersoft has shown us that mobile BI is no longer just for large organizations with very large budgets. By providing iPad access to its open source BI suite, Jaspersoft has given us a cost-conscious way to add value to the reports and analysis our employees and executives rely on. As a wireless carrier, business intelligence is a business-critical operation for us and we value the flexibility Jaspersoft is providing to tailor it the way we like it and take it on the go where we need it."

Jaspersoft Mobile SDK for Application Developers

The world's first open source mobile BI toolkit for iOS developers is here. The mobile SDK lets application developers embed BI into native mobile applications.  The result is a responsive, intuitive, and interactive environment that can integrate with other iOS functions such as location services, phone and email.

Native applications often respond more quickly to user interaction and avoid network latency issues sometimes found with browser solutions. Other architectural features of the open source mobile BI SDK include:

  • New REST-based APIs that enhance and simplify embedded BI requirements
  • Objective-C SDK that reduces development time for BI Builders
  • Sample native iPhone application for rapid prototyping

Jaspersoft Mobile Browser Support for Rapid Deployment

Jaspersoft 4.2 delivers ready-to-deploy browser-based BI support for iPad users who want to deploy a mobile BI solution quickly. Key benefits of Jaspersoft 4.2 include:

  • Interactive Mobile BI Environment. Jaspersoft 4.2 features a fully interactive BI environment for producing and viewing BI content. iPad users can view, interact, and build reports on the go, using attractive dashboards to view reports, sort information, and filter data using simple touch gestures.
  • New Custom Filtering for Ad-Hoc Reporting.  Advanced filters in Jaspersoft 4.2 allow iPad users to simplify even complex ad hoc reporting and analysis for improved insights into business performance. With the ad hoc design environment, iPad users can create a wide variety of charts and graphs (bar, pie, line, scatter, etc.) from existing data on their devices. More advanced features like pivoting enable users to create new views of data that were not delivered in an initial report.

Jaspersoft Provides Mobile BI Access to Any Data Option

Jaspersoft 4.2 adds flexibility to mobile BI by delivering analytics for nearly any data architecture. This data-agnostic analytics support within Jaspersoft's BI Suite empowers mobile customers to access and analyze data from any variety of applications and sources, such as flat files, relational database sources, and big data types such as Hadoop and NoSQL/NewSQL.

For more information on Jaspersoft Mobile and Jaspersoft BI Suite 4.2, attend one of our webinars and visit the website.

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