Jawbone® Introduces LiveAudio™ for JAMBOX™

Free JAMBOX Software Update Delivers Immersive Three-Dimensional Audio Experience

Aug 24, 2011, 07:00 ET from Jawbone

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Jawbone®, a leading innovator of products and services for the mobile lifestyle, today announced LiveAudio: a breakthrough in audio technology that delivers the most immersive music listening experience for JAMBOX. LiveAudio is available to all JAMBOX owners as a free update via MyTALK.jawbone.com. JAMBOX, the wireless SmartSpeaker™ from Jawbone, is the only mobile speaker on the market that is capable of getting new functionality via software.

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"LiveAudio brings your music to life, like you're right there with the artist," said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy. "Previously, this kind of immersive three-dimensional audio experience required playback through headphones, which means you couldn't share with other people. Now, with a simple and free update, your JAMBOX gives you enhanced acoustic and spatial detail so amazing that you have to hear it to believe it."

LiveAudio is part of the free JAMBOX Software Update 2.0 available on MyTALK, Jawbone's platform for personalization, original applications and software enhancements that enables all Jawbone products to get even richer over time.

Sound Comes to Life with LiveAudio

Users discover a new level of detail with LiveAudio that they didn't know existed in almost every piece of content they consume on JAMBOX. It provides an exciting feeling of proximity to what they're hearing, creating the sensation that the audio is happening live in the same room. Whether users are watching movies on a tablet, streaming music from a phone, or playing video games on a laptop, LiveAudio on the JAMBOX generates an entirely new immersive audio experience.

LiveAudio enables a spatial listening experience previously only available through headphones for binaural recordings – an audio recording technique used to create a unique level of depth, detail, and spatial realism. While some artists record in binaural audio, the depth of their music usually gets lost and goes unnoticed because standard stereo speakers can't reproduce the experience. For the first time in a mobile speaker, Jawbone's new LiveAudio equips JAMBOX with advanced crosstalk cancelation filters that reproduce binaural audio's hidden dimensions and deliver them to listeners' ears the right way. The result is a breakthrough in audio technology that will enable artists to create deeper emotional connections with fans in expressive, true-to-life sound.

Jawbone is also working with artists and audio producers to provide the education and tools needed to tune their music, games, and other audio in a way that comes to life when used with LiveAudio technology.

SmartSpeaker™ Makes It Possible

JAMBOX combines all needs for both communications and consumption and is the first SmartSpeaker, which (unlike any other speakers on the market) is updateable via MyTALK, allowing users to install new apps and features (like LiveAudio) that improve and expand what it can do. The JAMBOX Software Update 2.0 featuring LiveAudio is just one of the many updates that have been made available on MyTALK with more to come.

"Delivering something as groundbreaking as LiveAudio requires a robust technology platform with built-in processing power and patent-pending digital signal processing algorithms," Bogard continued. "We just took the same JAMBOX our customers own and love and harnessed its computing power to deliver a groundbreaking new experience.  No one else can do this and it's one more way that we're demonstrating what sophisticated intelligence can do for users."

The JAMBOX Software Update 2.0 featuring LiveAudio is available today as a free download at MyTALK.Jawbone.com. For more information on LiveAudio, recommended LiveAudio playlists on MOG, Rdio, Spotify, and iTunes, and artist/producer information for creating binaural audio, go to Jawbone.com/LiveAudio.

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