Jawbone® Introduces New Real-Time Experience for the UP® System

Data-Powered UP 3.0 App and UP24™ - a New Wristband Addition to the UP Family - Deliver Tailored, Actionable Information Based on Your Data

Nov 13, 2013, 09:00 ET from Jawbone

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Jawbone® today announced new software and a new hardware option for the UP® system, its wristband, app and data service that helps you understand how you sleep, move and eat so you can make choices to live better. The UP 3.0 App uses your own data to deliver insights and celebrate milestones while challenging you to accomplish more each day. The UP24™ wristband, powered by MotionX®, connects wirelessly to your iOS device via Bluetooth Smart™ to provide continuous feedback and in-the-moment notifications to help you achieve your goals.

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"The UP community has logged more than 500 billion steps and 35 million nights of sleep with UP. It's an astounding amount of data," said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone. "From it, we've learned a tremendous amount about how people live, and we've applied that knowledge to deliver even more personal data insights and more actionable recommendations with the new UP 3.0 App. UP24 plus UP 3.0 is the only system that pushes incredibly smart, timely information to you at just the right moment to help turn your intentions into action. As a result, UP24 is much more than just wireless syncing – we didn't just want to add Bluetooth®. Instead we used the real-time experience to create a powerful, personalized system that helps you take action and fine-tune your day."

Turn Intention Into Action

The UP 3.0 App for iOS encourages and motivates you to take small steps that can turn into long-term progress – all based on your unique data from your UP or UP24 wristband:

  • Today I Will: The UP 3.0 App's Insights Engine delivers simple, achievable opt-in commitments called "Today I Will" that challenge you to accomplish a suggested goal in a day's time. Focused in one of three categories – sleep, movement, or water intake – your Today I Will insight might recommend that you go to bed before 11:00pm if you've missed your sleep goal several nights in a row, or suggest you drink eight glasses of water in a day if you've been actively working out. The UP App sends you reminders, tracks your progress, and lets your teammates cheer you on throughout the day. It's one easy step toward breaking old habits and building new ones.
  • Streaks & Milestones: As you continue to achieve your goals over time, the UP 3.0 App rewards you with celebrations of your short- and long-term progress. Upon hitting your goal consistently for a number of days in a row, UP acknowledges your successful streak with a visual, interactive celebration within the app. The UP App also celebrates meaningful milestones such as hitting your millionth step taken or logging 1,000 hours of sleep.
  • Activity Log: The UP 3.0 App lets you reflect on your recent activity by giving you a snapshot of the steps, sleep, workouts and meals you've logged since you last visited the app. By scrolling up from the home screen, you can view your recent activities and tap into any event from the past two days to quickly make edits, hide something from your feed, or see more detail.
  • Sleep Recovery: Now UP and UP24 users can get the benefit of the bands' revolutionary sleep tracking system even if they occasionally forget to put their band in Sleep Mode. The UP 3.0 App identifies times when it believes you may have been sleeping and makes a suggestion in your Activity Log. Just tap on the suggestion to confirm or adjust the sleep event and see a detailed estimation of your night's sleep, including light sleep, deep sleep, time in bed, and wake-ups. The more you track your sleep using Sleep Mode, the more accurate Sleep Recovery becomes.

Receive Timely, Actionable Insights

UP24 is the only lifestyle tracker that pushes tailored, actionable information to you at just the right moment, enabled by wireless syncing via Bluetooth Smart™. It notifies you when you've reached your step goal with a push notification on your iOS device, as well as when you're getting close to hitting your goal and need a gentle, motivational nudge to help you to succeed.

UP24 can also be set to send notifications with a summary of your recent sleep activity at the moment you wake up, or a workout summary as soon as you complete a workout. Conveniently tap into the notification to see how you did or add more information. All notifications for UP and UP24 can be customized from your app Settings menu.

Now partner apps found in the UP App Gallery can perform new, more timely functions with real-time syncing via UP24. Keep your MyFitnessPal and LoseIt! accounts constantly up-to-date with your latest activity and calories burned, or try Recipes from IFTTT to receive nudges throughout the day based on your current step count. You can even use IFTTT with your wireless lighting system or Wi-Fi switch to automatically turn on the lights or start your coffee maker the moment your UP24 band exits sleep mode.

Designed for the Way You Live

UP24 features the same sophisticated form factor and technology that UP users love for 24/7 wear – now with the addition of Bluetooth Smart™ for continuous syncing with the UP 3.0 App. Its smooth, hypoallergenic, medical-grade rubber exterior features a new, stylish textural design, and like UP, UP24 is small and comfortable enough to wear throughout each day and night.

UP24 is powered by the patented MotionX® engine based on the biomechanics of natural human motion, developed by Fullpower. Its battery lasts 7 days, and it can be charged through your computer or USB power adapter via the included 2.5mm USB cable.

Available on November 13

The UP24 band comes in three sizes (Small, Medium, and Large) and two colors (Onyx and Persimmon), and will be available today for $149.99 at Jawbone.com, and at Apple and Best Buy stores nationwide beginning November 19.

UP by Jawbone 3.0 for iOS is available today as a free download from the App Store. The UP or UP24 wristband is required for the app.

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