JD Edwards Systems Can Reach Optimal Performance and Scalability with GSI's New Pinnacle Performance Practice

Sep 23, 2013, 09:40 ET from GSI

ATLANTA, Sept. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- JD Edwards (JDE) users no longer need to wonder whether their EnterpriseOne application can handle rapid business growth, new business units, software patches or an increased user-base thanks to GSI, Inc.'s new Pinnacle Performance Practice (http://gsi-solutions.com/products-services/pinnacle-performance).

Pinnacle Performance Practice identifies bottlenecks, breaking points and peak performance settings for JDE systems by load-testing the system with custom scripts to simulate system-wide stress scenarios. It measures the impact of potential new business processes and additional users as well as the effect of changes to hardware, software, database management systems, operating systems and security on the JDE system. GSI uses the peaks and troughs to establish the company's baseline performance and recommend any necessary hardware/software upgrades and improvements to avoid crashing the system in the future.

"Our new Pinnacle Performance Practice helps our clients identify performance and scalability bottlenecks," said Kevin R. Herrig, president and CEO, GSI, Inc.  "Knowing your business system's strengths and weaknesses is the key to consistently delivering peak performance."

GSI offers a broad range of packages to meet the needs of every company size. All packages include installation and configuration of the testing software, a simulation of concurrent users on EnterpriseOne, custom scripts to test their system's in-demand processes and a report covering the application's response time and user load tolerance, scalability/capacity of the system, trend analysis and performance optimization recommendations. Although all packages can be customized, the three current project packages and one managed service package offered to GSI clients are:

  • P3 Basic is designed for companies with a small JDE user community and simple business processes. It's a 15-day project simulating up to 75 concurrent EnterpriseOne users and creating/testing five custom scripts.
  • P3 Plus is for companies with a moderate JDE user community and business processes. GSI will simulate up to 150 concurrent users accessing EnterpriseOne and create and test 10 custom scripts during a 30-day project.
  • P3 Premium is the ideal option for companies with a large JDE user community and/or complex business processes. It's a 45-day project testing up to 300 concurrent users and 15 custom scripts.
  • P3 PerfectCare is a managed service for companies wanting to keep their system(s) running at optimal performance year-round for a monthly fixed fee. It includes time every month for creating/refining scripts, testing and reporting.

For more information on GSI's new Pinnacle Performance Practice, please contact GSI at (877) 474-4262 or sales@getgsi.com.

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