Jedi Mind, Inc. Comments on Mayo Clinic 'Typing With Brainwaves' Video

Jun 15, 2010, 09:00 ET from Jedi Mind, Inc.

CARDIFF, Calif., June 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Jedi Mind, Inc. (Pink Sheets: JEDM) ( is pleased to provide the airing of Mayo Clinic's "Typing With Brainwaves," which was shown on WABC TV this past week:

The video shows the use of an EEG device used to help patients that have Lou Gehrig's Disease, stroke victims and spinal cord injuries, communicate through a computer by interpreting their brainwaves. This new technology gives patients, who were once unable to speak, a chance to express themselves. According to the article, "Research is already underway that explores using your brainwaves and your thoughts to move a prosthetic limb or push a wheelchair. According to Dr. Shih, this technology is in its infancy and may take ten years or more before it is ready for public use."

The fact is, Jedi Mind, Inc. is at the forefront of this revolutionary technology and has already perfected this device with the recent release of the "Jedi Mouse" application, which allows the user to navigate the computer, click and double click to open programs, compose email and send with the power of their mind. The application can be used by anyone, but is especially beneficial to people with disabilities that have problems with communicating. For the first time in their life, many disabled people will be able to operate a computer and communicate via email.

The application called "Jedi Mouse" is available on The Company's website ( which sells for $99 as a software download and requires the use of a wireless headset developed by Emotiv. The Company plans to market the product to everyday users of the computer, as well as to associations for the disabled, clinics and non-profit organizations. "We are proud of this accomplishment, to enable thousands of people with disabilities to communicate what they are thinking for the first time and perform the everyday tasks on the computer that we all take for granted," stated Brent Fouch, CEO.

About Jedi Mind, Inc.

Jedi Mind, Inc. develops software for thought controlled technologies, allowing the user to interact with the computer and other machines through the power of the mind. The technology involves the use of a wireless headset, developed by our strategic partner, which detects brainwaves on both the conscious and non-conscious level. This revolutionary neural processing technology makes it possible for computers to interact directly with the human brain. The Company creates medical applications, as well as video games that are controlled by the power of your mind. Jedi Mind, Inc. is publicly traded under the symbol: JEDM

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