Jedox Presents New Palo Community Edition 3.2

New version of the open source business intelligence software Palo is available immediately / Revised functions and new features expand the options for reporting, analysis and planning

Sep 01, 2011, 11:00 ET from Jedox AG

FREIBURG, Germany, Sept. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Jedox AG, supplier of business intelligence solutions, has introduced a new open source version of its business intelligence software Palo. The revised Community Edition Palo 3.2 is available to the open source community as a free download. Jedox has added many new features and functions, which significantly expand the individual components of the Palo solution. These include optimizing the integrated web environment Palo Web, with which, for example, report generation and data import is even easier to manage. Another focus for the developers was the improvement of the OLAP analyses and ETL processes. In total, the new edition increases performance, stability and handling in the areas of reporting, analyses and planning.

The Palo Community Edition 3.2, for which there is as always an Palo Excel 3.2 installation option available, is directed at the open source community as a free Community Version, thereby making access to the Palo world even easier. "The Community Version offers a number of high-performance functions for use in the daily business intelligence demands," explains Matthias Kramer, CTO and responsible for research and development at Jedox AG. "The new release and functions are clearly tailored to meet the demands of open source customers and reflects our community's wishes and suggestions."

Palo WEB: easier, but more comprehensive

Some of the features are provided by Palo 3.2 in the integrated web environment Palo Web: External Excel data can now be easily imported into web reports and can, for example, be integrated into the corporate planning. In addition, report generation has now become significantly easier. Spreadsheets can now be customized more precisely to meet specific needs and new formatting functions improve the overview of reports and company figures.

Palo OLAP: quicker and more stable

One of the most important developments has been done in the OLAP engine: The speed with which data is calculated during loading and display using the business rules has increased significantly. In addition, extensive OLAP dimensions can be processed much faster with the new Palo version - this increases performance and guarantees maximum user-friendliness.

Palo ETL: Premium function during the loading process

Greater performance and flexibility are not the least ensured by the revised functions for the ETL process (extract, transform, load). "Along with the expansion of the functions, the Community Version benefits from the experience gained with the Professional Edition when it comes to stability and performance," says Matthias Kramer. "The Community Version of Palo ETL is virtually identical to the Premium Edition and the ETL process provides an extremely fast and reliable operation."

The new Palo Community Edition 3.2 is available for downloading at

A comprehensive description of all optimizations and new features is contained in the document "Palo 3.2 Community Edition - What's new?", which can be downloaded at

In addition, customers can download the Jedox Palo Premium Edition. The Premium Edition, compared to the Community Version, provides multiple expansions, including critical business functions such as Multi-User Scaling, In-Memory, GPU Expansion, SAP Access, Mobile Access and expanded Palo Web functions.

Jedox provides extensive support for its Premium Edition customers.

About Jedox

Jedox AG is one of the leading suppliers of Business Intelligence solutions. Palo Suite combines the entire Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management, including planning, simulation, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, dashboarding and analysis into one platform. Additional information on Palo and Jedox can be found at

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