Jeff Halevy - NBC Today Show Fitness Contributor and Healthy Living Guru - Opens Halevy Life in NYC; World's First Private Training Gym to Offer a Fitness Guaranteed™ Money Back Program

Mar 03, 2015, 10:41 ET from Halevy Life

NEW YORK, March 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Jeff Halevy, best known for dishing out fitness advice alongside Joy Bauer on NBC's TODAY Show, announces the opening of Halevy Life in New York City, the only gym on earth to assure results with Fitness Guaranteed™, a 90-day money-back guarantee.

When new clients opt-in to Fitness Guaranteed™, Halevy Life collects starting data of five key objective fitness measurements on their first day, as they're required to train three times a week for 90 days with an attendance rate of at least 85 percent, and continues monitoring progress through day 90. If a Fitness Guaranteed™ client doesn't improve in at least three of five fitness measurements: decreased fat mass; increased lean mass; increased movement capacity (mobility and flexibility); increased strength; and increased cardiopulmonary fitness, Jeff Halevy will write a check on the spot for a full refund. 

"At Halevy Life, we raise the bar for fitness standards by offering our clients unparalleled qualifications starting with our staff," said Jeff Halevy, founder of Halevy Life. "By going beyond the typical chain gym fly-by-night trainer mentality, we bridge the gap between a client and their fitness goals by creating an education-first, workout second environment on day one."

As the only service-based training gym in NYC that does not employ personal trainers, Halevy Life's new flagship 6,000 sq. ft. premiere private coaching, yoga, physical therapy, massage and nutrition counseling oasis offers a more specialized approach to achieving fitness goals starting with its staff. All Halevy Life "coaches" are required to possess a minimum of a BSc. in Exercise Science, or like field, and have applied coaching experience at the collegiate or pro level. Halevy Life is also the only gym in all five boroughs of New York City that offers Hydrostatic Weighing, also known as underwater weighing, the gold standard for determining fat and lean mass, providing thorough insight into not just what one weighs, but what that weight consists of.

The gym offers service-based memberships only and clients must work with the coaching staff, and cannot simply pay for usage. Coaching is offered in two different formats: Private Client one-on-one coaching; and SureFit™ semi-private sessions, which allow clientele to work with Halevy Life's skilled coaches at a fraction of the cost, and with no more than five clients per session. To apply for Private Client coaching, visit  and to join the SureFit™ program, visit

Vital Yoga is also a service offered by Halevy Life and returns to yoga's roots, with a sharp focus on form, alignment and breathing, but with the nuance of soft tissue and corrective mobility work, as well as elements of both transcendental and mindful meditation. To reserve a spot in a Vita Yoga session, visit:

To learn more about Halevy Life programs, please visit or call (212) 233-0633. To book an Initial Assessment or Body Composition Analysis, please visit

To learn more about Jeff Halevy, visit

About Halevy Life
Founded by Jeff Halevy, NBC's TODAY Show Fitness Contributor, host of internationally syndicated Workout from Within with Jeff Halevy on Z Living, creator of the highly successful childhood obesity program, Our Power, for First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! Campaign, and regular contributor to U.S. News and World Report, Halevy Life's 6,000 square-foot New York City flagship location is located at 212 East 57th Street on Manhattan's Upper East Side. 

As the only gym on earth to guarantee your results with Fitness Guaranteed, and the only service-based training gym that doesn't employ personal trainers, Halevy Life is able to consistently deliver results to a variety of clients, from post-rehab patients to professional and amateur athletes, and busy professionals to screen actors, models and everyone in-between. To get the latest news and updates from Halevy Life, like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter For more information, please visit

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