Jews Outside of Israel Likely to Gain New Power With Major Geographical Changes as Foreseen by Japanese Researcher

Jan 04, 2010, 08:10 ET from The Americas Group

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- This premise is part of a new study of historical links between Jewish theology and Shinto mythology.

A fascinating new book, "Japan and Judaism," coming soon, presents an original view of the historical links between Jewish theology and Japanese Shinto mythology. The book looks at the connection between Judaism and Shintoism, its relationship to the origins of Christianity and Islam, and its implications for the future.

Japanese religious scholar and author Yuji Sano has found intriguing data that suggests many fundamental Jewish beliefs are rooted in Japanese Shinto mythology. Sano's research indicates that the relationship between the Jewish and Japanese peoples was reinforced when the lost tribe of Israel found its way to Japan. This relationship also bears on the formation of Christianity and Islam.

"Japan and Judaism" suggests the ancient connection between Jews and the Japanese began as a result of a sequence of events told in legendary Japanese stories about the founding of Japan. Sano also discusses tantalizing clues indicating that the God of the New Testament is actually a different deity than the God of the Old Testament.

He also outlines the potential for stunning topographical changes effecting major global land masses in the Middle East occurring early in 2010.

Although Sano's ideas are outside mainstream thinking, they offer a provocative view about the Japanese connection to Jewish theology and its influence on the origins of Christianity and Islam.

"Japan and Judaism" is available through and The Americas Group, Contact Godfrey Harris at or call either (1) (800) 966-7716 or (1) (310) 476-6374. A video can be seen at

Students of Jewish thinking, the Bible, Islam, as well as theologians, librarians, educators, researchers and others studying Judaism, Japan or Shinto mythology will be especially interested in "Japan and Judaism."

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